Rus News Journal

Chain reaction

Active workers of liquidated Natsional - Bolshevist party suited yesterday an indicative protest action at a building of administration of Ekaterinburg. Young men have partitioned off a front entrance in the mayoralty and have chained itself chains to columns. For an unapproved protest action law enforcement bodies intend to bring administrative action.
the protest action has begun at 12 o`clock in the afternoon right after how on a city it was carried by howl the siren which have notified on minute of silence in memory about fallen in Great Patriotic War. Five young active workers of forbidden Natsional - Bolshevist party left on the area before a building of the local mayoralty, crying out slogans: Modern Russia without Putin you Give revolution . In hands at them were lighted fajery. As soon as they have burnt down, two Limonov supporters - the young guy and the girl - have chained themselves chains to one of columns at an input in the mayoralty. In the meantime their companions have blocked an input in administration, having stretched the black poster with an inscription other Russia " is necessary To us;.

the Action natsbolov has lasted not for long. Already through three - four minutes have run up to them militiamen who have selected at them the poster. By means of people in the civilian they under hands dragged protesting from a front entrance. And after a while law enforcement officers managed to release by means of mount from chains and to detain two participants of the action who have chained to a column. All protesting immediately delivered in police station.

as the chairman of Sverdlovsk branch " has informed; Incorporated civil front Evgenie Borovik, right after detention of active workers should deliver in court for excitation of business and definition of a preventive punishment by it. However it it has not been made. In militia them held more than eight hours. In militia to us say that cannot find witnesses " in any way; - he has told. In Leninsk ROVD have explained only that investigatory actions are not finished yet and the question on excitation of administrative business is solved.

this action was not reflected in any way in administration work as law and order bodies have worked quickly enough - has explained a press - the secretary of the mayor Konstantin Pudov. However, as it was found out, right after protest actions representatives vitse - mayor Dmitry Kulika have called mister Boroviku and have reprimanded it in administration. they have caused me why - that the organizer of the action though neither I, nor other representatives ` no Incorporated civil front ` any relation to it we have and in the action did not participate - Evgenie Borovik has explained.

, Ekaterinburg