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The horoscope

Is day favorable for health. Only in first half of day watch a food. As deducing from an organism of harmful substances is slowed a little down.
present days off are quite harmonious and suitable for many affairs. Today during the period to 11. 25 Moscow time the Moon in intense aspect with Merkuriem. But this aspect can create only time delays and misunderstanding which will be quickly eliminated.

but then up to the late evening of Sunday all aspects in the sky only the harmonious. It is possible to plan large affairs with a sight for distant prospect. For example, to establish a family, to begin building or to move in new habitation.

within Saturday the Moon will have time to enter in the early evening favorable interaction with Jupiter, and at night - with Venus. Such situation approaches for activity both in spiritual, and in material sphere. It is possible to go to any travel, to pursue science, art.

Magnificent day for love, romanticism and sex. The work connected with a fashion will well go. Sports any kinds are accessible.

relations are harmonious, both business, and personal. The probability of conflicts, failures and other incidents is on a low level. Though absolutely to neglect safety rules it is not necessary even in safe days.

visible in the terrestrial sky the Uranium stop specifies in possibility of inspirations and unexpectedness which on the general harmonious background can appear pleasant. That was not possible earlier in any way can turn out.

Arieses make active the mutual relations in love and on the general interests. Contacts to foreign partners are possible.

Tauruses will successfully execute any practical affairs, working and house. Day is successful for dialogue with people and a plant and animal life.

Twins can safely plunge into the world of love, dialogue with a family and children, in the world of art, beauty, sports and entertainments.

cancers should be accurater with money and papers in the morning. It is possible to travel, communicate with a family and the people having general with you spiritual interests in the evening.

lions can go to interesting trips, visit curious places, visit friends and relatives. There will be possibilities for sports and entertainments.

maidens in the beginning of day can have small problems and ambiguities in affairs, but then the situation becomes favorable, especially in material area and in an aesthetics.

scales will be the focus of attention. You can organise any dialogue. Successful day for trips, friendly and romantic dialogue.

scorpions can have unexpected successes in material sphere or in mutual relations. Day is successful for the employment connected with an aesthetics.

Sagittariuses will hold interesting friendly meetings. Joint trips and even acquaintances to far-away countries are possible.

Capricorns can achieve the purposes in professional and private life. Favorable variants of succession of events are possible unusual, but.

Aquarius can test unusual turns of events. Unexpected travel and acquaintances are possible. Successful day for realisation of creative ideas.

fishes will become successful in private life including intimate sphere. The business and spiritual purposes also can be reached.

on June, 24th Sunday
It completely harmonious day. To health threatens nothing. It is possible to be engaged in any activity. Only at daybreak on Monday danger of traumas and vascular infringements will raise.

this Sunday is noted at once by several harmonious aspects. And any strained! So, the Moon consistently enters friendly relations with Venus, Saturn, the Neptune and Plutonom. Therefore day is good for love and an aesthetics, for serious work, for example, literary, scientific or buildings. And also for any employment connected with the nature and water. And for everything that demands a lot of physical energy, including sports and sex.

it is possible to begin any important issues, to register marriage or business, to be installed in new habitation, to make large purchases up to cars, yachts and objects of real estate.

the moon is in a sign on Scales that promotes harmony in mutual relations. It is possible to get acquainted, it is possible to agree, eliminate last conflicts.

day is favorable for trips on all types of transport in any directions. It is possible to begin large travel.

incidents are improbable, a situation quiet, both in the nature, and in a society. And only on Monday aggravations, as the Moon near to midnight without a course, and in 4 are possible. 30 mornings Moscow time it in opposition with Mars. Moreover Saturn resists to the Neptune. Early in the morning be attentive on roads, observe fire safety and do not enter conflicts. By the way, Mars today last day in a sign on the Aries, use its active energy for achievements in sport and physical work. From tomorrow it in a Taurus and to be shaken for active actions begins more difficult. By the way, tomorrow too is favorable for affairs.

Arieses should hurry with active affairs and an establishment of personal achievements in sport. And for all kinds of dialogue day is harmonious.

Tauruses should consider the plan of the future work. Do not turn sour and do not sit out. Now any undertaking is effective.

Twins will succeed in creative affairs, will take pleasure from active entertainments and private life. Do not hesitate of emotions and passion.

cancers will become successful in serious long-term affairs. Excellent day for dialogue with the nature and water elements.

lions will lead time actively, with an abundance of dialogue and trips. A good situation for realisation of serious plans in the field of personal hobbies.

maidens will make beautiful purchases. Day approaches for improving employment, dialogue, material life.

scales will actively communicate, make trips. Good time for serious hobbies, playing sports, bathings.

scorpions realise the individual plans. Unexpected possibilities and acquaintances are possible. At you it is a lot of energy.

Sagittariuses will have a good time with colleagues on the general hobbies. It is possible to realise serious and long-term joint plans.

Capricorns can realise the purposes, in personal area, work, travel, the finance. It is possible to get acquainted with the people occupying important position in the area.

Aquarius will travel, in passing enjoying harmonious and substantial dialogue. Acquaintances can become long-term and serious.

fishes will be a success in private life both various affairs and hobbies. Dialogue with water will cheer up.