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the Ministry of Finance has changed rules placings of insurance reserves. the share of the debt receivable accepted in a covering of insurance reserves Is increased. By the kinds which are not concerning life insurance, the share increases with 20 to 45 % in the absence of the delayed debt receivable. Also the share of overcautious persons - insurance reserves accepted in a covering is increased. On a number of difficult technical risks - to insurance of responsibility of air carriers, sea and nuclear risks - the share is increased c 30 to 60 %. Also bills of banks on which similar requirements to deposits of banks extend are carried to the resolved actives.
the summons
vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov has called the First for working out of a series of measures on development the territories adjoining to BAMu. Already it is time to pay steadfast attention to the decision of problems of development of this region and to develop a series of measures which will provide advancing economic growth adjoining Bajkalo - the Amur highway of territories - he has told at session of the commission on development of the industry, technologies and communication. Sergey Ivanov has underlined that BAM opens a way to the largest mineral, wood and other resources, allows not only to improve economically a condition of extensive region, but also to expand foreign economic relations of Russia, first of all with the countries ATR .

Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukov and the chairman of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin have signed the cooperation agreement in inventory of property and defensive complexes of the ministry. Sergey Stepashin has noticed that the agreement is signed at the initiative of the Minister of Defence .

the statistican
Physical persons for June, 1st, 2007 have legalised in a course tax amnesty 1,5 mlrd rbl. According to Federal exchequer, volume deklaratsionnyh the payments which have arrived in the budget at simplified declaring of incomes, has made 196,4 million rbl. Tax amnesty has begun in Russia on March, 1st, 2007 and will last till January, 1st, 2008. Citizens can legalise incomes by transfer deklaratsionnogo payment at a rate of 13 % from the sum which needs to be legalised. The greatest volume deklaratsionnyh payments is necessary to Moscow, where physical persons have paid 110 million rbl. (is legalised 845 million rbl.), the least - on Republic Kalmykia where 78 rbl. (are legalised 600 rbl.) are paid.

In an analytical note of Audit Chamber it is said that almost 50 % the alcoholic market are occupied with illegal production. In this connection the budget loses more than 45 - 55 mlrd rbl.