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The government has made to itself new “ gold “ the action

Open Company “ Company “RIA“ “ the shareholder of Open Society “ the Ufa factory elastomernyh materials, products and designs “ (UZEMIK), intend to challenge in court the decision of annual meeting of shareholders of factory, in which result the representative “ RIA “ has not entered into board of directors (SD) UZEMIK. The government of Bashkiria owning of 42 % of actions UZEMIK, one week prior to the meeting which have taken place on June, 15th, has published the decision about restoration “ gold “ actions of factory and on this basis already after voting of shareholders by nominees has entered in SD one more representative. Thus, the candidate from “ RIA “ has left the list of members SD as typed the least among them a poll. Analysts have doubted legality of actions of the government of republic and consider that “ RIA “ it will be possible to restore the status - kvo. Yesterday preliminary results of meeting of shareholders UZEMIK which has passed on June, 15th (official results will be published within 15 days after meeting) became known. In new SD factory 9 persons have entered: three representatives from Open Company companies “ Iskozh Invest “ and Open Company “ Company “RIA“ “ actions of the factory supervising in total about 40 %, three top - the manager of the factory and three representatives from the state. However at formation SD has not done without scandal. Already after announcement of results of voting on SD Shakirov presiding over meeting Ilmir has unexpectedly informed that on June, 6th the prime minister - minister RB Raphael Bajdavletov has signed the decision according to which at factory it will be reanimated “ gold “ the action. Mister Shakirov has told that on this basis the government enters one more (become to the third) the representative from the state - the deputy minister of ground and property relations of Ildara Amineva. Thus, the quantity of members SD (10) has exceeded number of Open Societies of places provided by the charter in it (9). As a result structure SD did not include one of 9 candidates, got the minimum number of votes of shareholders. The representative of private shareholders - Open Company " has appeared it; Iskozh Invest “ and Open Company “ Company “RIA“ “ Ildar Altynbaev.

UZEMIK - the world`s largest manufacturer of inflatable saving rafts for aviation both sea-crafts and the manufacturer klinovyh belts for motor transport and the equipment of the machine-building enterprises. The net profit for 2006 has made 99 million rbl. at a gain not less than 2 mlrd rbl.

In the company “ RIA “ have informed that consider similar actions by intervention in Open Society activity. Under their data, originally “ gold “ The action was entered in UZEMIK for three years, and term of its action has expired still 11 years ago - in 1996, but actually it was used till 2007 while its existence has not challenged “ RIA “. The company has won litigation on cancellation “ gold “ actions in Federal arbitration court of the Ural district in February, 2007. In this connection on May, 4th, 2007 the government of Bashkiria has published the decision about cancellation “ gold “ factory actions (on hand „“ there is a document copy).

“ the Reuse of the “gold“ action should be considered as reciprocal actions on the lost judicial dispute, however they do not meet the requirements of the legislation and will be challenged in court “ - have told in the company, as, according to the federal law on the privatisation, the special right “ gold “ Actions can be used only after alienation from state property more than 75 % of actions of Open Society (that is the state share should not exceed 25 %, and at the state for today of 42,24 %).

According to the head of the company “ RIA “ Radika Sultanova, presence at the republic government “ gold “ to the action did not promote control over actions of management of the enterprise. “ now to one of members of a revision committee of a society the materials, testifying that in 2005 - 2006 the enterprise concluded transactions with the companies registered in Moscow which can be characterised as unfair tax bearers, so-called firms - a something ephemeral have arrived, - mister Sultanov has told. - four such companies appear in the mentioned case, on operations with which mutual goods turnover has made about 800 million roubles. All it forces to doubt reliability of results financially - economic activities of the enterprise, represented by management to the shareholders, including the state, and suggests an idea about possible financial frauds. Probably, these materials will interest supervising and law enforcement bodies “.

However general director UZEMIK Sultan Hajrullin has told the following: “ Now at factory there is a tax check and while early to speak about its results while it is not finished “. Also mister Hajrullin has preferred not to make comments on the events connected with “ gold “ the action. “ this question - to the republic Ministry of Property, instead of to me “ - he has told.

in Minzemimushchestva RB did not begin to tell anything about a situation around UZEMIK - Ildar Aminev has refused to talk with „“, having referred to employment.

Interrogated „“ experts have doubted as legality of the decision of the government about right restoration “ gold “ actions, and in competency of meeting of the shareholders who have included in SD a member contrary to procedure, provided by the legislation. So, an analyst under finance IK “ Brokerkreditservis “ Dmitry Shishov considers that private minority shareholders are right, taking into account that that earlier they already won courts. “ they again should address in court and to solve all in a legal plane. And shareholders from the state simply drag out process “ - mister Shishov has concluded.

Ilya Amladov, Ufa