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Officials were overstrained

by Kontrolno - the Audit Chamber Penza gordumy has elicited the facts of no-purpose use of budgetary funds municipal authority Management of capital construction of Penza . According to auditors, expenses on the maintenance of the device of establishment have been overestimated on 2,2 million roubles as the management received extra charges for complexity and intensity in work at a rate of 120 - 250 % from an official salary. Head MU Victor Koleganov who, in turn, has accused schetnuju the commission of bias has lost the post. Yesterday it became known about management change in municipal authority Management of capital construction of Penza (MU UKS Penza ) . Resignation of the former chief of establishment Victor Koleganova in the mayoralty of Penza have connected with results of three-monthly check UKSa commission Kontrolno - Audit Chamber (KSP) the Penza municipal duma which has revealed inefficient use by establishment of budgetary funds at a rate of 2 million 329 thousand roubles.
so, according to the check certificate (the copy is available on hand ), in 2006 MU has overestimated expenses on the device maintenance. extra charges for complexity and intensity in work which have been established by decisions of the head of administration of Penza to chiefs UKSa, made from 120 to 250 % from an official salary, and to simple employees - from 100 to 200 % - Elizabeth Koshel has explained chairman KSP. Along with infringements in payment sphere, in incomes of the city budget in 2006 incomes of realisation MU " have not been reflected; UKS Penza enterprise and other activity bringing in the income for the 2 million 363 thousand roubles sum.
MU UKS Penza it has been created for realisation of municipal programs of administration of Penza in the field of capital construction, reconstruction and major repairs of municipal objects. Less than for two years in UKSe three heads have exchanged. Now, under the information , MU Management of capital construction of Penza has headed Magomed Agamagomedov, earlier holding a post of the chief executive of municipal fund Habitation .

Madam Koshel has explained that economic activities UKSa in 2006 were carried out on the basis of the contracts concluded with city financial management - all for the sum more than 280 million roubles. The separate point provided device UkSa maintenance (for May, 1st, 2006 totaled 34 persons) at the expense of % from these contracts. However the given form of expenses of the budget is not provided by the Budgetary code and, according to the chairman of Audit Chamber, is infringement of a principle of addressing and a special-purpose character of budgetary funds .
Eks - head UKSa Victor Koleganov in conversation with has declared that does not agree with some conclusions of check. under our charter UKS is not the budgetary organisation, - mister Koleganov has underlined. - I agree with commission remarks, but not with the sum specified by it . Mister Koleganov considers that the commission worked prejudicedly as its numerous objections on its actions in calculation have not been accepted: this year UKS has saved 4 million roubles of budgetary funds, but why - that nobody has told about it .
In the device gordumy have informed that at session on Tuesday the thought will recommend administrations to bring into accord charter UKSa and to define its jurisdiction, and to a finance administration - to take measures to compensation of budgetary funds. the municipal duma turns to ascertaining body, - deputy Zhigansha Tuktarov has declared . - Really it was impossible to bring the charter into accord even at establishment creation? Municipal, notice. And whether creation of the organisations similar UKSu is justified in general? I do not understand, what for it is necessary to clone intermediaries in municipal economy and in municipal building .
Peter Garin, Penza