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Billion - for light

Open Society “ Volgogradenergosbyt “ cannot receive from the new tenant of the Volgograd funds of housing and communal services - Joint-Stock Company “ Regional power service “ - nearby 1 mlrd roubles for the put electric power. Debtors consider power sale claims unreasonable as the most part of this sum is made by the debts of the last years which have passed to kommunalshchikam “ by right of succession “ from liquidated Open Society “ the Volgograd municipal systems “. And this debt, according to Joint-Stock Company, should be restructured for 5 years. City officials do not hasten to be connected to a solution of a problem, believing that this domestic concern of structures of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“. Open Society “ Volgogradenergosbyt “ responsible elektro - and a heat supply of Volgograd, has acted with the prevention of possible switching-off of the Volgograd consumers of the electric power. In the company explain that in it can result debts of the main tenant of the Volgograd funds of housing and communal services - Joint-Stock Company “ Regional power service “ (RES). According to the representative “ Volgogradenergosbyta “ Alexander Evreinova, debts RES has reached 974μλν 186 thousand roubles and monthly increases on the average by 60 million “ it is More than year Volgograd receives the electric power actually only thanks to that to us our industrial and regional consumers regularly pay. However if in the near future kommunalshchiki will not extinguish a debt receivable, our company can appear on the verge of a default “ - mister Evreinov has declared „“. As he said, the company buys energy in the wholesale market, spending for it almost all financial resources. An additional source of the income is only marketing extra charge in 4,8 copeck for each realised watt - hour, however “ these scanty means any more does not suffice “.
“ According to “ Rules of the wholesale market of the electric power “ The marketing company which does not have possibilities to pay purchase of the electric power, loses the status of the participant of the wholesale market and cannot continue the activity. In this situation we will be compelled to stop Joint-Stock Company deliveries “ RES “ so, and bolshej parts of the Volgograd consumers “ - have noted in the company.
in May “ Volgogradenergosbyt “ has addressed in Arbitration court of the Volgograd region with statements of claim for the sum more than 800 million roubles. According to mister Evreinova, within the next few days they will be considered. He also has underlined that at existing level of payment to the beginning of a cold season debts RES will exceed 1μλπδ100 million roubles.
in Joint-Stock Company “ RES “ the information “ Volgogradenergosbyta “ named “ incorrect “ also have assumed that statements energetikov are connected with disputable mutual relations in managing subjects of the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “. “ We have taken up obligations on stage-by-stage repayment of debts and for June, 1st it makes only 208,8 million roubles. It is connected with specificity of passage of a cold season - means for acquisition of power resources are necessary in osenne - a winter maximum within six months, and the population pays consumed thermal energy equal shares within a year. About inevitability and objectivity of occurrence of this debt we warned the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ beforehand in November, 2006 “ - has informed an official position of management RES a press - the secretary of the company Yana Markin. It also has explained that power “ incorrectly “ summarise with current debts accounts payable of last years at a rate of 584,6 million roubles. “ we directed to Open Society address “ Volgogradenergosbyt “ the offer of the agreement on re-structuring of these debts within 5 years, but official reaction to today have not received “ - Markin`s madam has noted.
In a city administration consider that Joint-Stock Company debts “ RES “ before Volgograd energetikami does not become a hindrance in preparation of a city for winter. “ the existing debts are a part of internal relations of two managing subjects which are included into uniform power structure of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ “ - has commented on a situation vitse - the mayor of Volgograd Oleg Kapustin.
we will remind that “ Volgogradenergosbyt “ unsuccessfully tried to repay debts and from the previous tenant of municipal services of Volgograd - Open Society “ VgKS “ which has underpaid energetikam more than 300 million roubles. Despite positive for “ Volgogradenergosbyta “ arbitration court decisions to collect debts with VgKS and it was not possible, as the company did not have actives and the real estate which is subject to sale. After in November, 2005 VgKS has been liquidated, its management has with its full complement passed to the new tenant of municipal property and the equipment of Volgograd - Joint-Stock Company “ RES “.
Alexander Vasilev