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Zepp Blatter has made het - trik

Yesterday in Zurich on the congress of the International federation of football (FIFA) Zepp Blatter in the third time has been re-elected on a post of the president of this organisation. Elections have passed on an uncontested basis.
presidential elections FIFA were considered in advance no more than formality. After all there was no functionary in the football world which would risk to throw down a challenge of Zeppu Blatteru. It, most likely, speaks that potential candidates do not want to risk, understanding that present term, most likely, last for 71 - summer Blattera. And in general the alignment of forces in world football is now adverse for struggle against it. To show Zeppu Blatteru, as a matter of fact, there is nothing. Besides positions of the Swiss have essentially amplified after Michel Platini with whom it is connected by friendly relations, has replaced on a post of president UEFA of old opponent Zeppa Blattera Lennarta Juhanssona. It is no wonder that for mister Blattera 207 delegates of the congress have voted all.

Zepp Blatter has come in FIFA in 1975 on a post of the technical director. After six years it became secretary general FIFA. In 1998 under the patronage of president FIFA of Zhoana Avelanzha of that time it has proposed the nominee on the main post in world football and has won, in spite of the fact that the present heavyweight in football hierarchy already mentioned Lennart Juhansson, then (and up to January of this year) were president UEFA was its competitor.

Four years later Zepp Blatter has been selected again, also having passed through intense election campaign. Opponents of mister Blattera led by Lennartom Juhanssonom have proposed the candidate - Nigerian Issu Hajjatu. neraskruchennost the African they have tried to compensate to that have brought against Zeppa Blattera of charge in abusing office position and financial frauds. However, congress FIFA finally has supported mister Blattera who has collected twice more of votes, than mister Hajjatu. To the president, truth, was necessary to promise to carry out serious reforms in FIFA. They have been carried out and have led to that a financial condition of the organisation, still in 2002 leaving to wish much the best, is now characterised as rather stable. We will remind that opponents of Zeppa Blattera estimated losses FIFA suffered owing to nonprofessional, in their opinion, actions of the president of the organisation, in $500 million basically losses FIFA have been caused by unexpected crash of company ISL which were commercial partner FIFA and engaged, in particular, in realisation of the rights to teletranslations of the World championships.

the second term of Zeppa Blattera instead of the put four years lasted five. The increase in a term of appointment of the president has been confirmed by last year`s congress FIFA so that in the future to avoid the situation when presidential elections take place all some days before World championship start.