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&n bsp; MEETING of SHAREHOLDERS New proprietors of port Perm have occupied council direktorovkak it became known „“, at annual meeting of shareholders of Open Society “ Port Perm “ there were changes in structure of board of directors of the enterprise. It left Charles Butler who is the partner of Swiss company Marc Rich Real Estate in projects in Czechia and Russia, and also has left board of directors Michael Antonov supervising the navigable company “ the Kamsky river shipping company “. We will remind, proprietors of port have exchanged this spring. By data „“, structures of American billionaire Mark Richa became them. At the enterprise its interests are represented just by Charles Butler, and also its assistant Naomi Britts (behind it now 16,25 % of actions of joint-stock company officially are registered). New proprietors already admitted „“ that think of the repayment of actions at minoritariev - about 16 % belonging to structures of Michael Antonova, and a block package which, by data „“, supervises Joint-Stock Company “ Severstaltrans “. The exit parohodchika from board of directors can testify that the transaction has already taken place. However, it has denied this information. Meanwhile, by data „“, now all board of directors of joint-stock company is occupied with representatives of new proprietors. From again entered into council - the general director of port Tamara Kozlovsky and zamgendirektora on corporate questions Dmitry Vohmjanin.
Anastas Kostin

  PROCESS to Vladimir Birjukovu again threaten shtrafomvchera in Leninsk district court on repeated process on criminal case were vitse - the mayor of Perm Vladimir Birjukova debate of the parties has come to the end. State charge retrained again actions of the defendant from a part of 1 article 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Excess of powers of office “) on a part of 1 article 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ the Negligence “) Also has asked to sentence it to the penalty in 30 thousand roubles and to release from punishment in connection with the prescription expiry of the term. Under the version of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, g - n Unsociable persons the order from May, 21st, 2003 has given Open Company “ Perm toplivno - the power company “ illegal 95 % - nuju a discount on a rent within December, 31st, 2003 for using of a municipal boiler-house “ Kondratovo “. According to supervising body, from - for it the budget of Perm has not received about 4,5 million roubles. On March, 5th, 2007 the Lenin regional court has justified g - on Birjukova in the absence of crime structure. However on April, 12th the regional court has satisfied cassation representation of Office of Public Prosecutor about cancellation of a sentence and has directed business on repeated consideration. Protection on - former is assured of innocence were vitse - the mayor and asks to justify it. Itself g - n Unsociable persons again has refused the phase-out offered by charge on business from - for the expirations of a two-year limitation period and insists on the justification. Protection insists that the official operated in interests of the population of Perm. The given discount was the investment into preparation of a boiler-house to the future cold season and any damage to city budget has not put. And the major repairs of a black oil economy carried out later by private tenants in “ Kondratovo “ has managed it in the much bigger sum - 5,2 million roubles. Removal of a new sentence were zamglavy is expected next week.
Michael Lobanov

  CORPORATE GOVERNANCE “ prodo “ pumps up actives PTF “ Perm “ Shareholders of Open Society “ the Integrated poultry farm “Perm“ “ (Sylva, the Perm edge, is included into group “ prodo “) At annual meeting have made decision to increase an authorised capital stock for the account dopemissii actions by 327,1 million roubles. As they say in the joint-stock company message, on the closed subscription in favour of Brezilon Holdings Limited everyone is planned to place 699,363 thousand ordinary actions and 11,79 thousand preference shares a face-value of 460 roubles. Now Open Society authorised capital stock “ the Integrated poultry farm “Perm“ “ makes 18,923 million roubles, it is divided into 39,7 thousand ordinary and 1,439 thousand preference shares by face value of 460 roubles. After placing of additional papers the authorised capital stock will increase in 18,3 times - to 346 million 54,32 thousand roubles. As it was informed, since April, 1st, 2007 of power of an individual executive office of the operating organisation of an integrated poultry farm are transferred Open Company “ prodo management “ (Moscow). Group “ prodo “ unites actives of Klinsky, Perm, Tolyatti, Omsk, Ufa, Diveevsky meat-packing plants, the company “ Darya “ and three manufactures of mixed fodders.
“ Interfax “

“ motoviliha “ has got rid from trading domaoao “ Motor-Vilihinsky factories “ (MZ) left structure of participants of Open Company “ Trading company “Κΰμΰρςΰλό“ “ (Perm), is told in the joint-stock company message. As it is marked in the message, earlier “ Motor-Vilihinsky factories “ were unique participant TK “ Kamastal “. Date from which the share of participation MZ in Open Company authorised capital stock has changed, - on June, 21st. As have informed in a press - joint-stock company service, TK “ Kamastal “ some years does not conduct economic activities, now realisation of production MZ is carried out through Joint-Stock Company “ the Trading house „Motor-Vilihinsky factories“ “. The interlocutor of agency has noticed that secession of participants of Open Company is spent within the limits of disposal of not profile actives. The buyer of shares “ Kamastali “ he has not informed.
“ Interfax “