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Gazprom will join the Olympic family

Gazprom (IOC) can shortly become the first of the Russian companies one of the basic sponsors of the International Olympic committee. Now negotiations are suspended, as their continuation can be regarded as attempt to affect opinion of members the IOC before the elections of Games of 2014 planned for July, 4th for which Sochis, Korean Phenchhan and the Austrian Salzburg apply. However after July, 4th negotiating process can renew.
yesterday the head of application committee Sochi - 2014 Dmitry Chernyshenko has declared that Gazprom there can be one of the basic sponsors an IOC. exploratory talk has already taken place. But we do not want to declare their results before will pass elections of capital of Games of 2014. After all it can be considered as attempt to affect elective process. More detailed information can appear after July, 4th - mister Chernyshenko has told.

In most Gazprom where has addressed for explanations, comments have refused. As has informed a source close to negotiations, the gas monopoly really carried on negotiations for occurrence in number a top - sponsors the IOC, but recently them has suspended. Therefore now it is difficult to speak about any parametres of the possible transaction.

the IOC has now 12 official partners. Among them such companies, as Coca - Cola, Samsung, Kodak, Visa, Panasonic. Parametres of arrangements from each of them are not disclosed. However it is known that the IOC demands for the sponsor`s agreement and the status a top - the partner not less than $70 million for the Olympic four-year cycle. Instead of the company acquire the right to use the Olympic symbolics on own production, primary access to advertising placing in the Olympic teletranslations, possibility to realise the goods on the Olympic objects and etc.

At all operating a top - sponsors the IOC is one general sign. They unlike Gazprom work in the market of consumer goods, and their cooperation with the Olympic movement really helps to advance the production. According to company Samsung, after Igr recognition of a brand increases on the average on 5 %. Accordingly, sales grow also. As cooperation with the IOC can affect sales Gazprom while it is not clear.