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&n bsp; Shots the new assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in UrFOZamestitelem the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Uralsk federal district (UrFO) Is appointed Vladimir Krupkin, earlier holding a post of the assistant to the plenipotentiary is appointed. As has informed a press - service of the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in UrFO, in the rank of the assistant mister Krupkin will continue to supervise work of control department and department on interaction with law enforcement bodies. Before appointment as the assistant to the plenipotentiary in October, 2004 it was the first deputy of chief UFSB on Sverdlovsk area.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  Telecommunications Uralsvyazinform in 2006 has lowered net profit on MSFO in 2,3 razaoao Uralsvyazinform In 2006 has received the net profit calculated on MSFO, at a rate of 828,7 million roubles that in 2,3 times it is less, than in 2005, it is told in the department message on company public relations. The gain of joint-stock company following the results of last year has increased on 7 % in comparison with an indicator of 2005 - to 33 mlrd 925 million roubles. In particular, incomes of granting of services of cellular communication last year have made 10 mlrd 144,7 million roubles (growth on 11,9 %), their share in a gain has increased from 28,6 % to 29,9 %. Incomes of granting of new services (access to the Internet, ISDN, services of intellectual networks) and services in data transmission have made 2, 6 mlrd roubles (growth on 46,9 %). Their share in total receipts has grown about 5, 6 % to 7, 6 %. Operational expenses of the company have increased by 12, 6 % - to 30 mlrd 155, 8 million roubles. It is caused mainly by growth of depreciation charges in connection with the spent estimation of the basic means (on 28, 4 % - to 5 mlrd 581, 9 million roubles) and growth of expenses on the personnel (on 17, 2 % - to 10 mlrd 280, 2 million roubles), the expenses connected with increase under pension obligations. As the assistant to the general director - the director for economy and the finance of the company Valery Tchernyshev which words are resulted in the message has noted, in the end of 2005 the company has carried out reform of provision of pensions of workers that also has affected the financial reporting of 2006.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  the Retail the Matrix the Bashkir retail network " plans expansion to Chelyabinsk; the Matrix in 2007 plans expansion to Samara, Kazan, Orenburg, Perm and Chelyabinsk. In 2007 the company plans to increase goods turnover on 47 - 50 %, to 7 mlrd roubles. Turn growth is expected at the expense of increase in a comparable gain at 25 %, network expansions at 18 shops and at the expense of development of the shops opened in the end of 2007. In 2007 the company plans to reach profitability on EBITDA at level of 14 % about 10, 7 %. The profitability increase will be provided at the expense of growth of the trading margin and distribution centre opening in Ufa that will allow to optimise a logistical chain of deliveries and distribution of the goods. a matrix operates 32 supermarkets, and also 12 shops specialising on sale of alcohol under a brand the Master of wines .

  Incident Vitse - the mayor of Ekaterinburg has brought down zhenshchinuvchera the head a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh has informed that car Mercedes under management vitse - the mayor of Ekaterinburg Vladimir Tungusova has brought down the elderly woman. road accident has occurred the day before in 9. 30 mornings in a lane Transport around Wide Small river. Victim Nadezhda Semenova, 1950 year of birth, the washerwoman of ware of a dining room of the Sverdlovsk oncological centre, passed street around the private house when from - for turn on a counter strip on high speed the car of mister Tungusova has jumped out and has brought down it - he has told. As he said, vitse - the mayor has waited arrival fast and a GAI squad from Top - Isetsky RUVD which has drawn up the statement about incident. the victim with a brain concussion, crisis of bones of a basin and a bruise of kidneys has been delivered in 36 - ju city hospital - the mister Burnt has added. Upon the happened administrative office-work is raised, business materials are directed to department on investigation of road accident of the main investigatory management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area for decision-making on criminal case excitation. As has informed a source in a regional central board, act of mister Tungusova can be qualified under the item 3 articles 118 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Causing heavy or average weight of harm to health on imprudence providing punishment from the penalty in 50 - 10 minimum wage rates - till 2 years of imprisonment. Meanwhile representatives of the mayoralty notice that in the message a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs are some discrepancies. mister Tungusov went not on a counter strip, and made turn maneuver at a crossroads. Considering it, it is necessary to notice that it could not go on high speed - has declared a press - the secretary of administration of Ekaterinburg Konstantin Pudov. He also has informed that, under its data, the woman on whom arrival has been made, passed road to not put place and was drunk that has been registered by examination. and Vladimir Tungusov has arrived as the legislative citizen - itself has caused GAI and first aid, and then has passed physical examination, - mister Pudov has told. - It is necessary to notice that road accident has occurred past Saturday, and there are questions: why the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has decided to extend this information after a week .
Alexander Lakedemonsky, Nikolay Yablonsky

  Judiciary practice the Lawyer - the extremist is sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment Lenin regional court of Ekaterinburg yesterday the sentence on criminal case concerning lawyer Sergey Kotova accused of the organisation of extremist community has pronounced. As the representative of court has informed, to mister Kotovu punishment in the form of 4 years of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony is appointed. It was accused on p.1 item 282 - 1 criminal code of Russian Federation (the organisation of extremist community) and p.1 item 280 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (public appeals to realisation of extremist activity). In March, 2006 the Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Ekaterinburg has filed criminal charges concerning Sergey Kotova on charge in the organisation of extremist community. In a course it is investigatory - operative actions he has been detained and arrested. According to an evidence, mister Kotov has created in Ekaterinburg in 2003 regional branch of National national party. Under its management meetings and meetings were held, leaflets and the literature of the extremist maintenance extended. Since December 2004 till March, 2005, according to the investigation, on a party site the various materials directed on excitation of hatred to signs of race and a national origin took place.
Interfax - Ural Mountains