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The historical background

the First demand from the USSR on Olympic Games carrying out has been submitted in the end of 1960 - h years. The Olympic committee of the USSR has suggested to spend summer games of 1976 in Moscow. the Demand has reached the final, where on May, 21st, 1970 has lost to the Canadian Montreal. The winner has received 41 voice from 70, capital USSR - only 28. Moscow has been again declared on summer games of 1980. on October, 23rd, 1974 the city has acquired the right to the Olympic Games, having won against Los - Andzhelesa.
on July, 16th, 1994 the administration Sochi has submitted to the IOC the demand for carrying out the winter Olympic Games of 2002. the Idea has been supported by the government and the president. In January, 1995 at session the Sochi demand has not passed the IOC in a final part of voting. The affinity of Sochi to the Chechen Republic where the confrontation has begun became the main cause of a failure. As a result of game Solt - Lejk - City have got.

on January, 9th, 1996 in Lausanne the delegation St.-Petersburg led by mayor Anatoly Sobchakom has made an application on the carrying out right summer games of 2004. government guarantees have been enclosed To the demand on $450 million grants and $7,4 mlrd off-budget capital investments. On March, 7th, 1997 the elective commission the IOC has not included the Russian city in number of five finalists. According to experts, the astable economic and political situation in the country became a cause of a failure. As a result of game have passed in Athenes.

in June, 2001 the mayor Moscow Yury Luzhkov declared that the city will apply on the summer Olympic Games - 2012. on May, 23rd, 2003 the Olympic committee of Russia has sent the official demand in the IOC. The governments of Moscow and Russia have given financial guarantees on $11 billion on June, 6th, 2005 in the first round of a final round the demand of Moscow has received the least quantity of voices - 15 of 97. Officials the IOC have noted defects in the ground plan of new objects. The right of carrying out of the Olympic Games has got to London.