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an United Russia the Party " has reflected on cottages

; an United Russia association Business Russia FGUP Management on low building and a number of commercial structures yesterday declared creation of noncommercial partnership National agency of low and cottage building . It applies for a role of the main lobbyist of interests of participants at distribution of money and definition of schemes of state support of low building within the limits of the national project on habitation.
yesterday party an United Russia business public organisation Business Russia National housing corporation, FGUP Management on low building and also the International association of funds of house building and mortgage lending at meeting in the State Duma declared creation of National agency of low and cottage building (NAMIKS). On a plan of founders NAMIKS becomes the director of photography on realisation of the program of low housing construction within the limits of the national project Accessible and comfortable habitation - to citizens of Russia and also programs The house developed by United Russia party members.

it is direct on money of national project NAMIKS which will be created as noncommercial partnership, does not apply. According to the vice-president Business Russia Elenas Nikolaevoj, NAMIKS will unite all participants of the market for development the uniform quality standards and safety of habitation . Besides, NAMIKS will achieve from the regional authorities of decrease in administrative barriers at reception of the ground areas under building, and also reductions in price of an engineering infrastructure brought to low settlements.

the main ideologist of creation NAMIKS United Russia party member Alexander Kogan has explained yesterday that an United Russia It is interested in work of agency for performance of the party program The house which purpose to increase by 2010 a share of low housing construction in Russia in total amount of input of habitation from 40 % to 50 % at sharp decrease in its cost price. It has opened one of schemes of decrease in the cost price which NAMIKS intend to lobby in authorities. It is the repayment municipality at the builder cottage constructions of a ground of an infrastructure by instalments in exchange for the obligation to sell real estate at the fixed prices. It, by calculations of mister Kogana, will allow to reduce the price of such real estate on 20 - 30 %. He also has specified one more purpose of future lobbist efforts NAMIKS - the organisation sofinansirovanija the state in 60 % of low habitation for a number of categories of citizens. The representative of organising committee NAMIKS, the founder of producer centre Grand Life Oleg Stupenkov summarised the purposes of founders: We want to build habitation ekonomklassa. It is more interesting to us to build complexes in 1 million square metres, instead of 15 elite houses. But the curtsey from the state " is necessary;. Whether

the government on curtseys and cooperation with NAMIKS which will be positioned first of all as the co-ordinator of activity " Is ready; an United Russia in this area while it is not clear. In Rosstroe comments to creation NAMIKS while have refused, having referred that about association they while do not know . Thus anonymous representative Minregiona has informed yesterday that the initiative of creation of agency, most likely, belongs to deputy minister Yury Tyrtyshovu who is very amicable with ` an United Russia ` . We will note, yesterday mister Tyrtyshov at session was not present at the State Duma.