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Political advertising has come to light

Federal antimonopoly service (FAS) yesterday has informed that has reached the compromise with the Central Electoral Commission of external political advertising. As they say in the statement a press - services FAS, heads of two departments Igor Artemyev and Vladimir Churov have agreed that parties can place naruzhku but only within the limits of pre-election propaganda campaign. Party members in the answer have declared that the interdiction for external political advertising in an interval between elections limits their rights, and have promised to defend the interests in court.
as informed on June, 15th, dispute between two departments has inflamed after the Central Electoral Committee has received from FAS the answer to inquiry about competency of placing of political advertising on billboards. antimonopolshchiki have informed that placing of advertising of parties on advertising designs contradicts the law About advertising as, according to its item 19, these designs should be used Exclusively with a view of advertising distribution to which political propaganda does not concern.

in the answer Vladimir Churov has declared that political advertising is regulated not by the law About advertising and the law About the basic guarantees of suffrages and the rights to participation in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation which allows to place printing agitmaterialy on buildings, constructions and other objects with the consent of their proprietors or owners . Disagreement with position FAS was expressed also by Party members. So, the leader Fair Russia Sergey Mironov has complained yesterday that local authorities already with might and main carry out recommendations FAS - for example, the mayor of Kursk has forbidden political advertising on billboards then advertising has been removed from four tens boards spravorossov.

Yesterday it was found out that the parties managed to find the compromise. As has informed a press - service FAS, two departments have spent Complex interpretation of positions of the legislation from Constitution positions also have come to a conclusion that the constitutional law About a referendum in which the position similar to aforementioned norm of the law " contains; About the basic guarantees... on validity above the federal law About advertising . And from this, according to FAS and TSIKa, follows that it is possible to place external political advertising, but only during propaganda campaign. the specified treatment allows to provide realisation of suffrages of the citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation - it is ascertained in message FAS.

Making comments on this decision, the head of Independent institute of elections, the former chairman TSIKa Alexander Ivanchenko has declared that in view of problematical character of legislative regulation it is already quite good as during election campaign The competitive beginnings will be observed also the market of use of advertising will not be closed . And here Party members such vague decision remained are dissatisfied. The secretary of the Political bureau Fair Russia Nikolay Levichev has declared that the similar treatment of the law narrows the rights of parties. elections elections, and four years we will live without a policy! - mister Levichev has informed. - We will search for other treatments of the legislation and we will bypass this interdiction. Anything to us does not prevent to place slogans with word use ` justice `. As well as always in such cases, there will be a creative war .

How many I participate in elections, from the end 80 - h years, to anybody the thought did not come to a head that advertising can be only commercial, - the secretary of federal political council of Union of Right Forces Boris Nadezhdin has declared. - and if I want to place on a billboard a portrait of the wife with words ` I I love you, expensive! `, it too is illegal? The given interpretation is farfetched, it is delirium!. mister Nadezhdin has promised that if billboards of Union of Right Forces will remove, right at once will address in judicial bodies and will reach the Constitutional court.