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TV channel Sports will play on a legal field

As it became known, in August at session of the Federal competitive commission (FKK) on the tender the pool of frequencies under the concept " will be exposed; a sports announcement which, apparently, is formed specially for expansion of a network of an announcement of the channel Sports . Besides, at this session FKK the question on the owner of the licence for an announcement of the Moscow independent broadcasting corporation (MNVK) TV - 6 - on its frequency will be considered four years, without having on that lawful legislative grounds, broadcasts the same TV channel Sports .
the head of Federal Agency of supervision has told About forthcoming competition in sphere of mass-media, member FKK Boris Bojarskov. I think that the situation with channel translation ` Sports ` will find the permission after competition carrying out. The pool of frequencies with the declared concept of an announcement - sports " is for this purpose formed; - he has underlined. On a question, whether means it that the pool is formed specially under Sports and whether there will be a channel the unique participant of the tender, mister Bojarskov has answered that else it was never impossible to predict neither a competition outcome, nor structure of its participants but has noticed that it would be glad to such outcome in which result the sports announcement in the country has found even more spectators .

However, August competition for Sports will have much bigger value, than network expansion is simple. After all more confused and inconsistent situation with the licence for an announcement is not present at one large TV channel, and furthermore state ( Sports is a part VGTRK). We will remind that in an aether Sports left in Day of Russia, on June, 12th, 2003, on 25 - m the channel, and after ten its days have thrown on 6 - j the metre channel - after work on it has stopped channel TVS. The situation with the licence for this frequency owing to various political and economic collisions has appeared the extremely confused (see from June, 2nd, 2006), and until recently the lawful licence for an announcement for the sixth channel has been fixed for MNVK TV - 6, when - that belonging to Boris Berezovsky, but the unknown group of private persons sold by it.

after the former Ministry of Press led by Michael Lesinym for the political reasons has disconnected TV announcement - 6, the broadcasting company licence, too not without difficult legal collisions, has passed to noncommercial partnership Media - society which, in turn, was the founder of channel TVS broadcasting after TV - 6 on to the sixth button .

As has found out, about two years ago owner of the licence Media - society there were Oleg Deripaska`s structures (in due time it represented itself as one of founders TVS). And a situation around Sports All four years remained not settled: on the sixth frequency the channel broadcast contrary to a valid provision about licensing - on the basis of the time permission and letters from the federal departments regulating questions of an announcement. All this time as inform sources, the decision of a question on reception of the lawful licence for Sports it has been complicated, as interests VGTRK and Oleg Deripaska here were crossed. Concern in this situation expressed both in VGTRK, and in Boris Bojarskova`s department (then still Rosohrankulture).

As has informed a source close to this service, to resolve dispute it was possible only after intervention of the Kremlin. Probably, that Vladimir Putin repeatedly supported development " has affected also; Sports and even gave the order to the government concerning development of a network and a number of economic preferences for the channel. As Boris Bojarskov, " has explained; period of validity of licence MNVK has expired in May : As to us the statement for prolongation of the licence from owners it has automatically terminated about what the order behind my signature has been issued has not arrived. This notice have received and in MNVK . It also has allowed to expose on competition frequency MNVK with its licence and a regional network. Sources in an environment of mister Deripaska have refused to make comments on a situation round the licence, but have confirmed the fact of reception of the notice from department of mister Bojarskova.

On a question, whether means it that if owners of the licence have put in the statement for its prolongation it would be satisfied, mister Bojarskov has answered, what even in this case with prolongation too it would be difficult . It has reminded: At the heart of licence MNVK the concept of the channel of TV - 6 which has ceased to exist for a long time for the political reasons lies, and present owners long enough did not carry out licence conditions to what the set of our checks " testifies;.

However, that MNVK did not broadcast according to the concept, it is formal its fault is not present, as on its frequency all this time worked Sports which announcement has been regulated by a number of disputable documents of federal authorities. And these decisions can be challenged through court. But the probability of such claims from Oleg Deripaska, is believed by sources, most likely, is low. while to us of any claims did not arrive, though at us many similar judicial proceedings as the licensing sphere is is standard adjusted not so well - Boris Bojarskov has declared.

As to a pool under a sports announcement it will consist of more than 40 frequencies. 23 cities will enter into it with the licences belonging MNVK (on them Sports Broadcasts from the moment of broadcast), and still approximately as much frequencies in a number of big cities which mister Bojarskov did not begin to name, having limited only to the explanatory that in addition to frequencies MNVK there will be still channels, suitable for working out and development in cities where heads of subjects of the Russian Federation earlier repeatedly addressed to us with the request for the organisation of an announcement of the channel with sports subjects .

Possibility of legalisation of an announcement Sports Boris Bojarskov has commented so: I would tell that we at last have split this knot, and now we will try to be engaged in creative work . In management VGTRK a question on reception for Sports the lawful licence through competition to make comments not on steels, but have confirmed what to participate in competition the channel it will be indispensable. And the general director Sports Vasily Kiknadze has declared: We are, of course, ready to participate in competition, and as to chances of a victory let`s wait when all will dare - competition is competition . About reception Sports mister Kiknadze spoke to the lawful licence which together with a network will be exposed on the tender, more carefully: If the situation with the licence is solved, it rather will please us .