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Alexey Vorobev ends game

the Former chairman of the government of Sverdlovsk area Alexey Vorobev leaves from a post of the secretary of political council of regional branch of party “ an United Russia “. It was officially declared by the head of inter-regional coordination council of party on UrFO (MKS UrFO) Valery Jazev. Under data „“, Alexander Levin whom are ready to support both local Party members, and the Moscow management can become the most probable successor recently entered into presidium of political council. As has declared in radio station interview “ Echo Moscow in Ekaterinburg “ Valery Jazev, the decision on Alexey Vorobeva`s resignation from a party post “ it is almost accepted “. “ It is a pity that it (Alexey Vorobev - „“) has left from one post and the decision is almost accepted that he will leave a post of the head of regional branch to be engaged in the health “ - mister Jazev has informed. As he said, now consultations for choice the new secretary are conducted: within 2 weeks Alexey Vorobev will write a resignation, and local United Russia party members should present a nominee of its successor.

as specifies a source „“ in MKS UrFO, Alexey Vorobeva`s resignation from a post of the leader of Sverdlovsk United Russia party members was almost natural, as “ it has lost a necessary administrative resource “. We will notice that, “ an United Russia “ often adheres to a rule according to which secretaries of regional political councils simultaneously occupy supervising posts in executive or legislature. For example, in the Chelyabinsk area the head of branch Vladimir Mjakush is the chairman of regional Legislative Assembly, and in JANAO over United Russia party members the assistant to the governor Nikolay Yashkin supervises.

in Sverdlovsk branch “ an United Russia “ on Alexey Vorobeva`s forthcoming resignation do not make comments. “ Alexey Petrovich (Sparrows - „“) did not submit any statements for the leaving. I met it on Friday, personnel questions were not discussed “ - the head of regional executive committee Leonid Rapoport has noted. Only the member of regional political council of party Oleg Bakin has figuratively explained an event: “ Present that you bear the heavy backpack, one strap have removed, and the second for you. What turns out? To you it is inconvenient, and it became easier not. In the same way Alexey Petrovich, as a matter of fact, has arrived, it has simply removed the second strap “. To Contact Alexey Vorobevym yesterday it was not possible.

Among possible nominees experts allocate for the released post of three candidates, behind each of which there are certain forces. So, in the radio performance Valery Jazev named Alexander Levin`s surnames (the head of administration of the governor of the region), Yury Osintseva (chairman PPZS selected the councillor of federation) and Igor Barinov (the deputy of the State Duma). As political scientist Edward Abelinskas considers, control over regional branch, most likely, remains behind administration of the governor, therefore the most possible candidate mister Levin is considered. “ it is no casual it in the beginning of June has been entered into presidium of political council and became Alexey Vorobeva`s assistant on ideology. Now the position of administration of the region is stronger, than other groups “ - the political scientist has noted. With it the director of the Ural institute of an applied policy and economy Andrey Kuznetsov agrees also. “ most likely, by the secretary the person of the governor though for this post other forces will struggle also will be appointed. Not a secret that opposition of a governor`s pole and Valery Jazeva`s pole always took place. But it seems to me, on the threshold of elections in the State Duma the federal centre not begins to change horses on a crossing - and will choose the person of the governor “ - mister Kuznetsov considers.

a source „“ in “ an United Russia “ Familiar with a situation, considers that the centre discusses the same three nominees which named Valery Jazev. But nevertheless deputies from party “ an United Russia “ in Sverdlovsk regional Duma consider that last word remains for governor Edward Rossel, which party member, and, according to some members of the same party, is “ the ideological leader “ branches.

to receive the comment at Alexander Levin yesterday it was not possible, its mobile phone was inaccessible. Its assistant, the director of department of an information policy of the governor Vadim Dubichev has refused comments concerning possible appointment of the chief. “ it is outside my competence, I am responsible for work of the device of the governor, party affairs are made comments let by a press - service “United Russia“ “ - it has explained.

it is necessary to notice that Alexey Vorobev simultaneously combined a post of the head of a selective staff with a post of the secretary of political council. Most likely, the new secretary will combine also both these posts. Considering that fact that election campaign (elections in the State Duma are planned for December, 2nd, 2007) in the near future will begin, the new head of regional branch should concentrate on work with voters. The matter is that following the results of elections in regional Duma in October, 2006 “ the party in power “ has typed 40, 54 % of voices, and on elections in the State Duma in 2003 - 34, 4 % of voices. On forthcoming elections as mister Rapoport has noted, the centre a task in view to receive not less than 50 % of voices.

Sergey Antonov, Olesya Ratoshnjuk