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&n bsp; the Power and business Edward Rossel has complained of reserve holdingovpolpred the president of the Russian Federation on Urfo Peter Latyshev has charged to the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel to head working group for preparation of the report to the president of the Russian Federation about necessity of redistribution of net profit of industrial holdings in favour of regions. The governor has designated the given problem on council at the plenipotentiary who has taken place yesterday in Chelyabinsk. In particular, he has noticed that the large holdings registered in Moscow having the enterprises in regions, list taxes in region at the rate of quantities working on the enterprise the person, instead of from the net profit sum. the money earned in Ural Mountains is spent then at the discretion of owners of holding. They can be invested in enterprise development in Czechia or in other country - mister Rossel has told. It has expressed opinion that the regional authorities should receive the information on the net profit earned at each concrete enterprise of holding, located on territory of the subject of the Russian Federation. today the holding does not give such information to us, declaring that it is a trade secret - the governor has noted. He has suggested to oblige Federal tax service to give the similar information to the regional authorities.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  Shots Sergey Smetanjuk has entered in dolzhnostsergej Smetanjuk officially has entered a post of the first deputy of the governor of the Tyumen region, have informed in the region government. Mister Smetanjuk has returned from holiday in which it left after resignation from a post of the head of Tyumen. In Sergey Smetanjuka`s conducting questions of trade, employment, licensing of kinds of activity, a forestry and derevoobrabotki, protection and reproduction of wild animals, and also resettlement questions to the Tyumen region the former compatriots living abroad " are transferred; - the representative of the government has specified.
Interfax - Ural Mountains

  Investigation the Mayoralty of Ekaterinburg obyskalivchera in management offices glavarhitektury the mayoralties of Ekaterinburg employees of Office of Public Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk area together with workers of management on struggle against economic criminality oblguvd have spent searches. As the chief has told a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Valery Gorelyh, investigatory actions were spent within the limits of criminal case under item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (abusing powers of office), raised in June, 2007 regional Office of Public Prosecutor. It is a question of abusings employees of the mayoralty at allocation of the ground areas under housing construction - he has specified, but to open business details has refused. In the mayoralty, in turn, assert that yesterday`s actions of field investigators can do essential harm of building branch. By words a press - the secretary of mayor Konstantin Pudova, during searches inspectors have withdrawn the documentation about 100 ground affairs which concerns earth allocation under housing construction, since 2003. if the documentation is not returned in the near future - work of the building market of Ekaterinburg " can be paralysed; - mister Pudov has declared, once again, having underlined that the mayoralty was ready to give the necessary information on demand of investigating bodies.
Olesya Ratoshnjuk

  Basketball BK UGMK Has updated sostavvchera on a press - conferences in Ekaterinburg the president of female basketball club UGMK the general director of the holding with the same name Andrey Kozitsyn and the new head coach of BK Loran Buffar have presented a new line-up for a season - 2007 - 2008. Last years structure formation UGMK occurred till the latest moment. Many basketball players were declared already on a season course - up to December, and few times - even in January (it gave an occasion to the instructor of that time foxes to Zoranu Vishichu to explain the numerous not planned defeats nesygrannostju basketball players - ). This year heads of club have considered errors of the past and have finished command acquisition already to the beginning of July - three months prior to the first competitions. According to mister Kozitsyna, from last year`s structure there were seven persons: American Sheril Ford, Australian Sjuzi Batkovich and five Russians - Marina Kuzina, Ekaterina Sytnjak, Elena Karpova, Valentina Leshcheva and Elena Gogija. Beginners six: two Russians - Natalia Vodopjanova and Oksana Rahmatullina, in last season playing Moscow the Dynamo and also poljachka Agneshka Bibzhitska from situated near Moscow Spartaka Australian Penni Taylor from Italian Famila and two basketball players from valansenskogo Olympic - Frenchwoman Sandrin the Heap and Christie Harrouer`s Australian. To train foxes in the nearest season ( and I hope, as in the following mister Kozitsyn has added) there will be Frenchman Loran Buffar. Last eight years it worked in Olympic also has achieved with it of outstanding successes, having won some championships of the country, and also Euroleague 2002 and 2004. Except a command from Valansena mister Buffar trained still (and trains till now) a national team of Belgium, but in this field especial it has not reached anything. In Ekaterinburg before the French expert, in its own words, rather ambitious problems are put: a victory in the championship of Russia, a victory in the Cup of Russia and an exit in the Ending of four female Euroleague.
Vladimir Vasilev