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Million book-depository

Yesterday the mayoralty of Kazan has summed up competition on the best outline sketch of a building of National library RT in which 40 architects participated. By the winner the Dutch architect Eric Van Egeraat has been recognised. The Total area of the complex designed by it will make 140 thousand in sq. m. Besides library in its territory offices, elite habitation, shops and restaurants will be erected. Investments into the project are estimated in $210 million Mister Egeraat acting also as the developer design - the budget documentation, asserts that the complex will pay off already to end of building at the expense of building first of all offices and apartments. Experts sceptically estimate commercial success of the project. Building of a new building of National library in January was declared by president RT Mintimer Shaymiev at a meeting with representatives of creative intelligency of republic. Today National library books are stored in three buildings as the core from them, in the street Kremlin is, not enough, to contain all editions - 3,5 million copies.

the new building is planned to erect in the street Nekrasov. As mister Egeraat has informed yesterday to journalists, building will begin summer of 2008 and will come to the end in 2011 - 2012. On a plan of the architect, except a building of library in the form of the opened book the area of 50 thousand in sq. m to one thousand reader`s places on complex territories will erect office premises (30 thousand sq.), elite habitation (15 thousand sq.) and a parking (30 thousand sq.). Besides, on an input in a quarter two towers in height of 18 m by a total area of 10 thousand in sq. m where will take place the Internet - cafe, a bookshop and restaurants will be constructed.

investments into the project are estimated in $210 million Yesterday mister Egeraat has informed that the authorities of Kazan carry on negotiations with the especial companies About their attraction to project financing. To specify, what firms can participate in the project, mister Egeraat has refused, however has underlined that the city budget it will not be mentioned at all.

As he said interest investors that will be erected to the complex areas " can; status office centre .

the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, in turn, has informed journalists that in the end of summer, after completion design - the budget documentation, is planned to create management on realisation of the project which will be engaged in search of money for financing of building of quarter. The town governor Besides, has noted, the city administration intends to issue the demand in the federal centre about indemnification of a part of expenses for complex building. About what sum there is a speech, mister Metshin has not specified.

Mister Egeraat considers that the complex will pay off already by the time of delivery of all quarter at the expense of building first of all offices and apartments. Experts sceptically estimate commercial success of the project. According to the assistant to the general director of the trading house of real estate Jort Dynes Zhuravlevoj, offices in the centre of Kazan are filled today on 15 %, and demand continues to fall from - for stoppers and problems with a parking, and rent cost in office centre of National library for certain will be high, and to master it only Moscow or foreign tenants can. The much bigger probability to leave on self-support of the project - to sell elite habitation which always enjoys wide popularity, the Kazan realtors mark.

Lilija Mirgazieva