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the presentation of the Voronezh regional association of insurers (VRAS) which intends to mediate in dialogue of the regional authorities and the insurance companies in development " Yesterday has taken place; the civilised market . However, as initiators and potential members of the organisation admit, they have also ordinarier purpose - to achieve carrying out of transparent tenders for choice insurers of the state and municipal property. According to sources in the market, creation VRAS first of all is directed against the local company of Joint-Stock Company Insurance business - group (IBG) which uses an administrative resource for deduction of in the lead positions. As president VRAS Vladimir Ivanov, the purpose of the new organisation - assistance to an establishment " has informed on yesterday`s presentation; a straight line and feedback between regional administration and insurers, realisation of programs on development of insurance culture and protection of the general corporate interests. According to mister Ivanov, the association is created with support of regional management ekonomrazvitija as the provincial authorities are interested in structure through which could influence a situation in insurance community. we do not have territorial division Rosstrahnadzora, we will try to become certain psevdostrahnadzorom - Vladimir Ivanov has explained. However, mister Ivanov has mentioned and quite specific target which faces the new organisation, - lobbying of interests of members of association at their penetration into such segment of the market, as insurance of the state and municipal property.

according to mister Ivanov while participants of association are the insurance companies Zenith (Moscow), Spassky gate (Moscow), JUICE (Samara), the City insurance company (Moscow), Russian insurance transport company (Moscow), Asko - the centre (Kursk). All of them were included into the organisation at level of head offices. However, among participants VRAS only Zenith enters into first ten the largest insurers in the regional market. President VRAS has explained that the structure of members of association will extend - among other to the introduction into it are declined ZHASO and ROSNO. However, as president VRAS, other leaders of the market - in particular " admitted; Rosgosstrakh - the centre and Ingosstrah - have actually refused participation in organisation work.

following the results of the first quarter 2007 in the lead positions in the regional market occupies Open Society ZHASO (the award sum - an order of 219,1 million roubles), Open Company Rosgosstrakh - the centre (98,4 million), Joint-Stock Company Insurance business - group (61,2 million), Open Society Military - the insurance company (51,6 million), OSAO Ingosstrah (45 million), and also Open Company WITH Zenith (16,8 million). In total in region 128 insurers are, their total volume of an insurance premium for the first quarter has made 745 million roubles (without obligatory medical insurance). the Director of the Voronezh branch Zenith Victor Taranchenko has confirmed yesterday that, besides the declared purposes, VRAS will achieve carrying out of transparent tenders on selection of insurers of the state and municipal property, which now, in its opinion, are spent in single instances and win them affilirovannye with regional officials of the company . I an island of the director of local branch ZHASO Nina Naumov has confirmed that its company is interested in cooperation with the new created association as that will trace competitions on insurance of regional property which is perspective enough segment .

However, in Rosgosstrakh have not seen special advantage of creation VRAS. To us its purposes " are not clear yet; - the director of branch " has noted; Rosgosstrakh - the centre Evgenie Pahomov. The director of the regional centre Chernozem region OSAO Ingosstrah Irina Popova was not accessible yesterday to comments and could not explain refusal of participation in VRAS. But in recent interview (it has been published in March) madam Popova has entirely supported idea of creation of similar association: In my opinion, it is necessary for insurers of the Central Chernozem region to unite in the union or association which on a constant basis would hold working meetings with all participants of the market concerning insurance with participation of regional administrations .

Meanwhile the deputy director of the Voronezh branch of Joint-Stock Company Guta - Insurance Nikolay Kiselyov believes that VRAS is created first of all for Joint-Stock Company counteraction Insurance business - group Which has occupied and holds in the lead positions in the local insurance market exclusively for the account an administrative resource . It is considered that IBG affilirovana with vitse - governor Alexander Tsapinym supervising thermal power station. According to mister Kiselyov, in association the companies which are dissatisfied with the position in the market have united and have the big ambitions in this connection have rallied and under a public organisation screen intend to intercept at IBG an administrative resource - first of all in a segment of insurance of property state and municipal authorities which is at the moment carried out on an out-of-competition basis.

many participants of the market suspect of use of administrative resource IBG. Victor Taranchenko from Zenith has explained company refusal to enter in VRAS to that it is supported of the authorities and does not feel necessity for protection of the interests from public organisation. And Vladimir Ivanov has assured on presentation that, as the largest local company, Joint-Stock Company Insurance business - group when - nibud will necessarily enter regional association of insurers. In most IBG any comments yesterday have refused.

Andrey Chervakov