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“ JUgo - the West “ without the grocery tenant

Open Company “ Voronezhstrojinvest “ has started building in Voronezh of shopping centre (TTS) target purchase on the prospectus of Patriots, 3ΐ. In TTS “ JUgo - the West “ which first stage is calculated on 12 thousand in sq. m, will not be grocery “ anchors “ and an entertaining zone. The basic area it is planned to take away under clothing stores, footwear and home appliances. As participants of the market consider, the company has chosen the correct concept: in Jugo - the western microdistrict one works trading - an entertainment complex (Broadcasting Company) “ Armada “ and on the average and below an average price segments “ JUgo - the West “ will make a competition only to the ware market. As the director for management company development " yesterday has informed; JUgo - the West “ Dmitry Blinov, opening of first stage TTS is planned for September. On the ground floor of a three-storyed complex cellular communication boutiques (three operators), perfumery (one or two tenants) and bank branch will take place, in particular. The second floor will be given under clothing stores and footwear. The anchor tenant (1,7 thousand sq.) becomes “ Alter Modus “ the exclusive distributor of the European marks clothes Caroline Biss (Belgium), Pulls (Netherlands), Braez (Netherlands), Tranzit and Tandem (Italy). On the third floor (3 thousand sq.) is supposed shop of home appliances of one of federal networks. In TTS the ground floor where will take place or shop of children`s clothes, or footwear is meant also. The grocery anchor tenant in TTS “ JUgo - the West “ investors are not going to get. “ two steps away from ours TTS there is “Pjaterochka“, “Provisions“, Broadcasting Company “Armada“ and the covered grocery market, therefore to compete with them there is no sense “ - Dmitry Blinov has explained. On its assurances, will not be in TTS and an entertaining zone. According to the concept developed SMT Development, the shop is positioned as TTS the target purchase, average working in segments and below an average. “ this sort of objects work by a principle „has come - has bought - has left“, and the entertaining zone here, by and large, is not necessary “ - mister Blinov has explained, having added that in TTS will work fud - court. As he said, contracts with the majority of prospective tenants are in a signing stage.

the investor of the project acts as Open Company “ Voronezhstrojinvest “ supervised by local businessman Oleg Suhovym. The volume of investment investments first of all will make about 300 million roubles, including - credit resources Is central - Chernozemnogo of bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. As Dmitry Blinov has informed, the second part TTS (the area to 40 thousand sq. It is supposed to rent to the operators working in format DIY (all for the house), - the furniture and the goods for a garden here will be presented. To the first object of the second will connect transition.

participants of the local market recognised that “ Voronezhstrojinvest “ has chosen the successful concept for TTS. For example, the director of Open Company “ the Voronezh developer company “ (realises the civil-engineering design of Broadcasting Company largest in Voronezh “ Hailstones “ on more than 150 thousand sq.) Vitaly Vasilev has noticed that Jugo - the western microdistrict is not mastered enough yet by developers. “ saturation by floor spaces in a city only occurs “ - mister Vasilev has explained. He considers that an arrangement “ JUgo - the West “ favourably big traffic of clients, correctly generates also target audience. In its opinion, Broadcasting Company “ Armada “ located nearby from “ JUgo - the West “ Hardly will make a competition to future TTS, as they “ raspozitsionirovany “. The co-owner “ Armadas “ Alexander Markov is assured that opening in the neighbourhood new TTS only will increase a stream of visitors in “ to Armada “. “ the Woman who has arrived in „Jugo - the West“ behind clothes, will necessarily come and to us “ - the businessman considers. According to mister Markova, new TTS will make a competition, more likely, to the ware market about which it and is erected. “ we only are interested in that near to us the centres of civilised trade " were under construction; - Alexander Markov summarised.

Tatyana Karabut