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Investments into start - apy

Joint-Stock Company finans the Trust has won at competition of management companies of the Voronezh venture fund. The firm will receive in trust management of 140 million roubles (on 70 million roubles from regional and federal budgets) and should involve in addition not less than 140 million private investments for financing of innovative projects in area on a competitive basis. According to analysts, it will be possible to judge efficiency of regional venture funds in some years. About Joint-Stock Company victory finans the Trust at competition of management companies of the Voronezh regional venture fund the chief of regional management ekonomrazvitija Andrey Sobolev yesterday has informed. He, truth, has refused to inform a detail of the tender which has taken place in the end of June, having referred that it passed under control of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation (MERT), and MERT yet has not published its results. However, mister Sobolev recognised that the provincial authorities have been interested in that competition on management of fund means was won by the local company. on the one hand, with the is always easier, with another - taking into account that in venture fund it is necessary to involve in 140 million roubles of state means as much private investments, the Moscow company, probably, will better cope with a management problem venture fund - Andrey Sobolev has added.

Joint-Stock Company finans the Trust will receive in trust management of 140 million roubles from regional and federal budgets. According to conditions of competition, means will be included in the closed share investment fund (PIF) of especially brave (venture) investments Regional venture fund of investments into small enterprises in scientifically - technical sphere of the Voronezh region for the term from five till seven years. The company - the winner should involve during half a year in the PIF private investments a minimum of 140 million As mister Sobolev has explained, the decision on venture financing will be accepted by a management company on a tender basis under demands of the innovative enterprises.

regional venture funds are created with support MERTa which holds competitions among subjects of the Russian Federation on the right of reception of grants for financing of actions for support of small business. Means are given on a parity basis with regional budgets. Now at different stages of formation there are venture funds of republics Tatarstans and Mordovia, the Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod areas and other regions. At federal level Open Society " is created; the Russian venture company (RVK) which also will be engaged in attraction of venture investments.

the co-owner of Joint-Stock Company finans the Trust The Israeli investment bank Tamir Fishman created Royal Bank of Scotland and having 15 - summer experience of venture investment and about ten innovative companies which actions already are quoted on NASDAQ is. In May of this year finans the Trust has won the first competition MERTa on management of a part of means RVK. The company has received from RVK 980 million roubles, and the general capitalisation of its federal fund will make 2 mlrd roubles. According to the general director of Joint-Stock Company finans the Trust Oleg Shvartsmana, priorities of investments of its company will be nanotehnologii (25 %) and biotechnologies (20 %), other money, in particular, will be enclosed in creation of biochips which are used in security systems, in the field of telecommunications, power, safety and counteraction to terrorism.

occurrence of regional venture fund has not caused appreciable optimism among local business. Valery Shimarov, the general director of Open Company avtolitmash One of the enterprises entering into technopark Kalininsky yesterday has informed that does not trust the regional administration initiative, and its firm does not intend to participate in competitions on the fund investment. that at us name venture fund, as a matter of fact is attempt to grasp perspective small enterprises - mister Shimarov has underlined.

Analysts notice that success of the closed regional PIFS becomes indicative not earlier, than through five - seven years. Zamgendirektora the Voronezh investment chamber Alexey Petrov has noticed that venture investments - essentially new business for region. a classical venture - investments into start - apy, that is projects where there is no industrial sample of finished goods. Till some time such scheme did not practise at all the country - he has informed. early to speak, which of regional PIFS will be successful: They only - only start to be started, and term of life of venture investment fund - seven years - the director of venture fund of a management company " has agreed; the Three Dialogue Oleg Kuzhikov.

Oleg Grigorenko