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This day for health the normal. Only at the separate persons inclined to chronic diseases, their aggravation is possible. Besides, do not eat that has got, be careful of infections, protect a liver.
the full moon has just passed, and its energy still can be felt. It is enough forces, and productive leisure or work are now quite pertinent. Day approaches for sports and tourism, collective work. It is possible to carry out and some financial operations if you are assured of reliability of your partner.

the moon early in the morning in harmony with the Neptune, and after a dinner incorporates to Plutonom. This aspect just also forces to pay attention to places and employment where people and the capital concentrate. Basically incidents in separate dangerous and kriminogennyh places are possible also, but their probability corresponds to the average level. It can be conflicts because of any fanaticism - to a national, religious or political sign. Or it is simple from - for money. Collisions of criminal elements or youth groupings are possible. But all it can occur only in separate places, and as a whole it is impossible to consider day too dangerous.

in private life a situation favorable. It is possible to be engaged in all kinds of leisure, intellectual and a physical activity, and, of course, there are chances in love.

after 15. 30 and to 19. 00 Moscow time the Moon without a course, such period is not necessary for acceptance of critical decisions and the beginning of important issues.

it is possible to consider night time neutral. For important issues, especially commercial, it not the best period, and in private life all will be individually defined.

on Sunday more intense conditions in dialogue and on highways can develop by the evening.

Arieses can continue begun before travel and playing sports. Now you are capable to raise own results.

Tauruses can be engaged in private life or work, but only with already known and reliable partners.

twins can continue and develop interaction with available partners. Avoid criminal points. Second half of day is less successful.

cancers should be engaged in swimming and another matters connected with water. Dialogue with the nature also will well go.

lions can continue entertainments, playing sports and dialogue with children. And work can be carried out only subsidiary and house.

maidens will continue to be engaged in house and country affairs. Family dialogue is more preferable than any another.

scales have good possibilities for trips, studies, information gathering. Evening it is possible to spend houses.

scorpions have possibility to benefit by the activity, dialogue, trips the whole day long.

Sagittariuses can keep the raised emotional spirit from previous days. Do not spend many money in the evening.

Capricorns should avoid different gossips and confidential employment. Be accurater in commerce in the evening, do not buy that has got.

Aquarius should choose more accurately, what collective to join. Evening is better for spending independently, instead of to the companies, especially unfamiliar.

fishes since morning can communicate to water, the nature or art. Financial affairs also need to be finished till a dinner.

on June, 3rd, Sunday
This day for health moderately strained. We will potentially wound oporno - the impellent device, especially feet. Danger of a traumatism in the evening is raised.

the moon enters relations only with two planets, and that these relations strained. In the morning the Moon in opposition with Merkuriem, and in the evening - in the conflict to Mars. Those and other aspects complicate business dealing and promote transport complications. Fire danger is raised.

day does not approach for important new affairs and critical decisions. The probability of incidents, failures and conflicts is raised. But if to choose reasonable employment and not to provoke scandals it is possible to avoid troubles. But all - taki it is necessary to go by the car less, especially in the evening. It is better to choose a train.

it is possible to be engaged in sports and it is necessary. Avoid its risky kinds in the evening.

for sadovo - garden works day favorable. It is especially good to put plants with a useful underground part, as the Moon already decreasing. It is a potato, turnip, a radish, a radish. And other flowers planted at this time or bushes will well develop an underground part.

in private life, love all will depend on you. Do not press on the partner that there was no conflict. With old friends and beloved of the relation ustojchivee, than with the new.

new working week is most harmonious in the beginning. On Monday successfully early morning, other day average; Tuesday is favorable all; on Wednesday - only morning. On Friday and days off are probable both dangerous incidents, and positive situations. More in detail in the next forecasts.

Arieses can run into the conflict both in private life, and in public, for example with militia or the car inspector. Behave more carefully.

Tauruses should be attentive on roads, on trips. It is not necessary to spend also forces for ideological disputes, to be engaged in a kitchen garden or an aesthetics is better.

twins should accept safety measures against criminal encroachments.

cancers not can trust all partners now, especially if it is a question of affairs and money. Problems and with representatives of the power are possible.

Lions can be engaged in house or country work, and also improving actions. Will involve subordinates difficult.

maidens can be engaged in children, and also entertainments. Avoid jealousy and sensitivity in private life.

scales can experience some difficulties in domesticities or family relations. More carefully with fire and a difficult technique.

scorpions on transport should be careful. Difficult day and for work. Conflicts to colleagues and subordinates are possible.

Sagittariuses can have conflicts on monetary affairs, including in a family. Avoid hazardous purchases. Sports will a little remove stress.

Capricorns should not give in to emotions, especially negative. Avoid family conflicts. Observe fire safety.

Aquarius should protect health, not overtask themselves and not enter doubtful commercial transactions.

fishes can earn physical work, but should avoid financial manipulations. Not all from your friends will prove adequately.