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George Bush remained without a brain

Moscow has rejected yesterday a new variant of the draught resolution of UNSF across Kosovo which was the day before brought by Great Britain. Though the maintenance of this document while contains as fiduciary, it is known that it slightly differs from the previous project which completely was based on the plan of the special representative of the secretary general of United Nations Marti Ahtisaari. According to this plan of Kosovo should receive independence under EU control. According to some information, the new resolution suggests not to approve, and only to support offers of mister Ahtisaari that as Moscow considers, does not change an approach essence to the future Kosovo. the new variant of the draught resolution on Kosovo on - former does not suit us, - the representative has declared yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Michael Kamynin. - We support continuation of negotiations and a finding of such outcome which would arrange both parties (Serbs and Albanians. - ) .
Russia, seemingly, expects to achieve more cardinal changes of the plan of Marti Ahtisaari. Some days ago in the Balkan mass-media there was an information that the West is ready to meet on a Kosovan problem to some requirements of Moscow and that the possible compromise variant is already almost developed. Its key differences consist in introduction of the two-year moratorium on membership of Kosovo in the United Nations, and also in placing of the Russian peacemakers in the Serbian enclaves in Kosovo. Moscow while officially does not make comments on the given variant, however it for certain suits it much more the present. One of these days the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has let know that to Moscow, probably, and it is not necessary to apply the veto in Security Council of the United Nations. Oleg Zorin