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“ We have shown them democracy “

Yesterday the Legislative Assembly (ZS) the Irkutsk region has corrected the law on elections of deputies of regional parliament. Fraction “ an United Russia “ has agreed to soften the selective law - to lower the sum of pledge and to refuse rigid division of the regional list of candidates into regional groups. Opponents of the party in power under the threat of failure of sessions demanded the big concessions, but have supported the document, expecting to occupy in June armchairs of the deputies working on the released basis. United Russia party members are sceptical about these hopes. Fraction “ an United Russia “ deputy group “ Regional development “ and group of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of Irkutsk parliament at last have developed compromise edition of the bill “ About modification of the law „About elections of deputies ZS in the Irkutsk region“ “. Yesterday for document acceptance all deputies have voted unanimously. Let`s remind, at February session members of parliament already considered this document. Then for it 22 members of fraction " have voted; an United Russia “ - for acceptance there was no voice of one United Russia party member which during voting left (all in fraction of 25 persons from 44. - „“). needinorossy at the initiative of deputy Alexey Kozmina (the block “ For native Angarski Krai! “. - „“) have blocked repeated voting by the bill of elections, having left a boardroom and having deprived quorum session. As a result the party in power has decided to create working group for document updating.
as the author of the updated version of the law on formation of parliament of Angarski Krai has acted vitse - speaker ZS, the head of committee of the state building and local government Lyudmila Berlina. It has considered last innovations of the federal selective legislation: the column " is cancelled; against all “ The maximum size of selective fund and the sum of registration pledge is increased, the barrier through passage to parties is established at level of 7 %. Besides, the scheme of election of a party part of regional parliament is a little changed. The madam of Berlin has suggested to divide obshcheoblastnoj the list which is put forward by parties, into eight regional groups (the parliament on - former is formed under the mixed selective scheme. - „“). “ one regional group of the regional list of candidates should correspond to territory of Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region, and each of seven regional groups - to territories of three one-mandatory election districts adjoining among themselves with the instructions to what territories of one-mandatory election districts there corresponds each regional group “ - it is told in the bill.
we Will remind, after a failure of February voting needinorossy have demanded from the party in power to establish a barrier through passage in 5 %, to reduce volume of selective fund and the pledge sum, and also to grant the right of each party independently to form regional groups. Within three months representatives of all deputy associations in regional parliament tried to come to a common opinion. As a result United Russia party members have gone on the minimum concessions: have lowered the sum of selective pledge from 15 % to 10 % from the size of selective fund, and also have agreed on free formation of regional groups in the regional list of candidates. Other disputable norms: 7 - the percentage barrier, volume of selective fund in 60 million rbl. for political party and in 2,5 million rbl. for the candidate - odnomandatnika and the right of transfer of mandates to the following candidate for the list if someone from the past has refused a deputy armchair - have been kept. However, together with the law on elections one more document providing increase of number of deputies of regional parliament, working on the released basis, with 11 to 17 persons has been accepted. Speaker ZS Victor Kruglov before voting, without going into details, has explained that this bill will change conditions of the so-called package agreement between parties about distribution of supervising posts in parliament. As a result of the amendment to laws on elections ZS and on the organisation of its activity have been accepted unanimously.
it is necessary to notice that new edition of the law on elections in practice will not be applied never: the Irkutsk region as the independent subject of federation will cease to exist on January, 1st, 2008 when will officially unite with Ust - Ordynsky Buryat autonomous region. Elections of parliament of the uniform Irkutsk region of the first convocation will pass on October, 12th, 2008 according to the decree of the president of the Russian Federation, and for the subsequent elections the new law will be passed. vitse - speaker ZS, the head of fraction “ an United Russia “ Sergey Mutovin has told „“ that deputies count that the passed law will lay down in a basis both the presidential decree, and the legal certificate about election of deputies of uniform region. As has explained „“ a source in “ an United Russia “ Party members so furiously struggled for the bill because he creates for them free conditions in 2008, and on private installation they should occupy two thirds of armchairs in new parliament.
however, the main opponent of the party in power of elections deputy Alexey Kozmin has positively estimated a voting result, having underlined the main thing - oppositions managed to achieve from “ an United Russia “ concessions. “ besides longer we simply would not hold on - it is impossible to break each time sessions “ - mister Kozmin has noted. However, under the information „“, oppositionists expect to receive a part of vacant places which have again appeared in Legislative Assembly. The arrangement with regional administration about entering into the regional budget of amendments about allocation of 7 million rbl. on the maintenance of six deputies, according to the source „“, is already reached, and the first statements from representatives of opposition about desire will work in parliament on a constant basis are submitted in June. Meanwhile a source „“ in “ an United Russia “ has noted: “ We have already shown them democracy, it is enough of it “ having expressed doubt that the opposition will receive more than two places. According to a source „“, most likely, one of them will be occupied with communist Vladimir Potapov who now heads the commission on anticorruption on not released basis. To United Russia party members, according to a source, will get four places. In particular, it is expected that deputy Sergey Kurilov will take a place of the vice-president of committee on state building.
Alexander Terentyev, Irkutsk