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Career in vodka business Alexander Mileev has begun a private affair in 1994 as the director of the firm created by it Miko which soon became one of the largest dealers of Open Society the Samara industrial complex spirit and likero - the vodka industry ` the Spring ` . Firm activity drew time and again attention of law enforcement bodies. So, in the end of 90 - h years the Samara management of Federal Agency of tax police has filed criminal charges upon evasion of officials Miko from payment of taxes in especially large size. Under the version of the investigation, unknown persons in firm bought the big parties of vodka, the goods were realised, and the transaction was made out under false passports; taxes thus were not paid. But business and has not been finished to court.
in May, 2002 mister Mileev has been selected by the councillor of directors of Open Society the Spring And spring of 2003 it is appointed by its general director (the industrial complex controlling interest belongs FGUP Rosspirtprom ). Following the results of 2003 the enterprise net profit has made more than 16 million roubles. During 2005 and 2006 of the right of use of trade marks of industrial complex and let out by it vodok through a number of commercial structures have been transferred Open Company the Samara industrial complex ` the Spring ` . By this time of Open Company the Spring has constructed new likerovodochnyj factory on suburb of Samara, and on an industrial platform of state enterprise building trading - the entertaining centre has begun. In December, 2006 Alexander Mileev has left from a post of the general director of industrial complex at own will. Following the results of 2006 Open Society losses the Spring have exceeded 200 million roubles.