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the United Nations have specified in discrimination of Russian children
Yesterday representation of Children`s fund of the United Nations in Russia have extended the statement in which it is said that the Russian children remain especially vulnerable group of the population . Recently the government of the Russian Federation strengthens support of children and families. However taken measures are still insufficient to provide possibility of high-grade development of each child - it is told in the document. According to UNICEF, in Russia more than 730 thousand children remained without care of parents, from them 180 thousand live in official bodies. number of the children`s population was reduced to 7,81 million with 1990 for 2005, and the number of cases of deprivation of the parental rights has increased from 49,1 thousand (in 1990) to 133 thousand (in 2005) - mark in fund. we would like to see every day year in the Afternoon of protection of children - the representative of the organisation the Karelian de has declared the Plenty. According to the organisation, in Russia of young men of 40 % and 30 % of girls regularly take alcohol, and also daily is registered about 100 new cases of disease of a HIV. in the Russian Federation of 600 thousand children are officially recognised by invalids. Discrimination and insufficient tolerance in relation to children different from others (for example, to children - to invalids, children mentioned by epidemic of a HIV or AIDS, national minorities, children of migrants), is still very widespread in Russia - it is marked in the statement of Children`s fund of the United Nations.