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Alexander Litvinenko`s Murder forces conditions
Business about Alexander Litvinenko`s murder is reflected in relations of Russia and Great Britain - the British side tries to use it in political ends, head considers the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov. Answering yesterday a question of journalists, the minister has told: Influence is felt, as from the British side we see attempts criminal case and necessity of professional investigation to use for forcing of political campaign . We against it. In it corresponding bodies " should be engaged; - mister Lavrov has declared. Representatives of embassy of Great Britain in Moscow have answered it that business and Russian - the British relations is not connected with a policy in any way. we repeatedly declared that business about murder of Litvinenko is a criminal case of special importance. The person has been killed, threat to health of hundreds British citizens and tourists in London " is created; - have told in embassy, making comments on the statement of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Sergey Lavrova. In embassy have underlined that the inquiry about an extradition of mister Litvinenko Andrey accused of murder Meadow is directed the Russian authorities and in Britain wait the official answer to it.