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Kovyktu have put on a waiting list

the multinational corporation - VR has received an extra time to try to keep the licence for one of the largest Russian gas deposits - Kovyktinsky. Yesterday commission Rosnedr has started to consider licence withdrawal possibility on it at affiliated structure of the multinational corporation - VR, the companies Rusia Petroleum but a verdict and has not taken out. The decision is postponed till June, 15th in connection with complexity of a question . Branch experts notice that for Gazprom which is the basic applicant for Kovyktu, all is more logical - taki to agree from the multinational corporation - VR, than to obtain the licence from unallotted fund.
yesterday commission Rosnedr should consider the problem on licence withdrawal on the Kovyktinsky deposit (see from June, 1st). Thus in the project of the report prepared for session, the decision to deprive " has been fixed; Rusia Petroleum licences. But officials have not wanted to put an end in this question. According to the source, familiar with a situation, decision-making is postponed before following session. It should take place on June, 15th. This information confirm and in the multinational corporation - VR. However, other source does not exclude that the decision can be accepted in any day, and then is entered in the minutes yesterday`s session (it is not signed yet). The order on licence withdrawal is vised by head Rosnedr Anatoly Ledovsky on the basis of the report of session of the commission.

in Rosnedrah and the multinational corporations - VR do not make comments on the reason of carrying over of the decision. Sources only notice that it is a complicated question . According to one of them, the matter is that multinational corporation negotiations - VR and Gazprom about occurrence of the last in the project proceed. Really, on Thursday head Gazprom Alexey Miller met head VR Tony Hejvortom. However officially the parties assure that the question of Kovykty did not rise, and sources in monopoly insist that it Is not going to enter into the project while the question with the licence will not dare at level of state bodies .

the License but the Kovyktinsky deposit in the Irkutsk region with stocks in 1,5 trln cubic metre belongs to the company Rusia Petroleum the under control multinational corporation - VR (63 %). According to the licence agreement, in 2006 on a deposit should be extracted 9 mlrd gas cubic metre, but actually the volume of output has made only 38 million cubic metre. In the end of February the company has received three months on elimination of infringements and the notice on possible preschedule licence withdrawal. Repeated check has shown that extraction levels on - former do not correspond to design indicators.

though branch experts also consider that the probability of licence withdrawal is great, they believe that occurrence in the project " would be an optimum way out; Gazprom . If the deposit returns to unallotted fund on new auction it can be exposed at the best in the beginning of next year, that is on the eve of presidential election. And during this moment to the authorities Kovykty " will have no time; - the analyst of MDM - bank Andrey Gromadin considers. VR has made enough to achieve loyalty of the Russian authorities, - the analyst of Alpha bank Konstantin Batunin reminds. - It has taken part in IPO ` Rosneft `, former head VR John Brown repeatedly declared that the power policy of Russia needs to be respected .

According to mister Batunina, working out of Kovykty would help also to development of the Irkutsk region - for this purpose the multinational corporation - VR gathered, at least at first, to use a deposit. According to the source, the acquaintance in a course of session of commission Rosnedr, representatives of the multinational corporation - VR just appealed to that preservation by the licence company will do good socially - an economic situation in region. with licence withdrawal all is uneasy - the official recognises, underlining that the problem of gasification of area remains .