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Parties search steam locomotives

As it became known the uniform Nizhniy Novgorod list an United Russia governor Valery Shantsev, mayor Vadim Bulavinov and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Hinstein can head. The list has passed the preliminary coordination in the central bodies of party. Contenders of United Russia party members while lag behind in preparation: spravorossy continue to search colleagues, and communists simply do not hasten. Observers consider that in pre-election lists and these parties there can be surprises: both those, and others do not exclude occurrence in the lists of the Moscow shots. As it became known the Nizhniy Novgorod regional branch an United Russia has preliminary co-ordinated with the central bodies of party the first three of the uniform regional list on elections in the State Duma. steam locomotives The governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Valery Shantsev, the mayor of Nizhni Novgorod Vadim Bulavinov and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Hinstein are appointed. Thus the source in regional branch has noticed that region cutting on districts is unknown till now also a question can dare in August at federal level. Thus the list will be or uniform, or them will be four.
unexpected occurrence in number steam locomotives United Russia party members explain deputy Alexander Hinstein to that thanks to the activity it became a federal figure and can involve votes. Thus the interlocutor in regional branch of party has noticed that the district can be expanded, having included territories of the next republics. Then in the list can appear and unfamiliar nizhegorodtsam persons. anyway, in the list necessarily there will be Muscovites. It too it is necessary where - that to pass in the State Duma - has noted a source . Absence in the first three of the new leader of the Nizhniy Novgorod parliament of Victor Lunin the source has explained it bad recognition and the big employment . The interlocutor also has noted, what not all present deputies of the State Duma from the Nizhniy Novgorod region from among United Russia party members can get to the list. Officially representatives an United Russia on applicants in the list and a three of possible leaders do not make comments.
in obkome the Communist Parties of the Russian Federation over own list too think. Most likely, it will be generated by August and sent on the coordination with the higher party bodies. The first secretary obkoma Nikolay Ryabov has not excluded that in the Nizhniy Novgorod list too there will be Moscow communists. Concrete names he did not name. It is interesting that left are ready to consider offers from ideologically correct businessmen. However, according to mister Ryabov, in the list communists always discuss inclusion of nominees jointly, and the basic structure of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is conservative enough, therefore occurrence of new names will not be casual.
Nizhniy Novgorod spravorossy yet do not make comments on the work on the list to elections in the State Duma in December. The branch is occupied by pulling up of local political figures in the camp. As chairman NRO " has explained still on May, 17th; Fair Russia Alexander Podlesov, occurrence in it of five assistants can appear and not casual depending on on how many districts the Nizhniy Novgorod region will be divided. However in regional branch too do not exclude that the local list will replenish with the Moscow shots under instructions from above.
Julia Suhonina