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&n bsp; the Aviation industry OAK applies on &n bsp; 100 % of actions of aircraft factory « the Falcon » Open Society « Incorporated aviabuilding corporation » (OAK, in   it   structure all aviabuilding actives of Russia enter) plans to   autumns 2007   year to propose to proprietors of Open Society « the Nizhniy Novgorod aviabuilding factory both #132; the Falcon and #147; » about   the repayment belonging to them   enterprise actions. As has informed yesterday on   annual meeting of shareholders « the Falcon » the president of corporation Alexey Fedorov, OAK intend to increase own share with   38 %   to   100 % in   an authorised capital stock « the Falcon » which market capitalisation the corporation estimates in   $110   million « the Falcon » it is supposed to make branch OAK in   Frameworks of the second stage of formation of the corporation to finish which it is planned already to   to the end of this year (to   the end of the year in   structure OAK will enter also FGUP « Russian self-summer - building corporation the Instant » and   FGUP « the Kazan aviation production association ») . It will be offered to shareholders of the Nizhniy Novgorod aircraft factory how to sell belonging to them   actions, and   to exchange them   on   actions of uniform corporation on   confirmed presumably to   to the end of August to exchange factors. « approximately in three months auditor company Ernst &Young will finish estimation of cost of actives of aircraft factory, on   which basis we   we can conduct with   shareholders concrete negotiations »   and #151; head OAK has explained. In   2006   to year the enterprise volume of output has increased in   2,5   time, in   that number volume of output of defensive production   and #151; in   three times, civil   and #151; in   1,3   time. An export share in   volume of shipped production has grown with   24,7 % in   2005   to year to   53,6 % in   2006 - m. In   the past year a gain « the Falcon » has made 3   mlrd 812,29   million rbl. (growth in   2,9   time on   to comparison with   2005   year), profit from   sales   and #151; to   617,574   million rbl. (growth in   6,7   time), profit to   the taxation   and #151; 91,761   million rbl. (in   2005   to year the enterprise has received dead loss in   the size 374,133   million rub). To   2010   year on   development « the Falcon » it will be directed 2,2   mlrd rbl.
Maria Kuznetsova

  Corporate governance « Nizhnovenergo » will pay dividends for   2006   godvchera on   annual meeting shareholders of Open Society « Nizhnovenergo » (Open Society « copes; MRSK the Center and   the North Caucasus ») Have made decision to pay dividends for   2006   year in   the size 28,8   rbl. on   one ordinary and   one preference share. The size of dividends « Nizh - novenergo » for   2005   year has made 29,58   rbl. on   the action.
« NTA - Privolzhe »

  Shots the Deputy director « LUKOIL - Volganefteprodukta » has left in   « Permnefteprodukt » the Assistant to the general director of Open Company « LUKOIL - Volganefte - a product » Vladimir Dmitrys has headed Open Company « LUKOIL - Permnefteprodukt » (PNP). Former general director PNP Igor Fomin has left a post, having headed Open Company « LUKOIL - Tsentrnefteprodukt » which is responsible   sale of oil products in   to Moscow, Moscow Region, and   also in   the central regions of Russia. Vladimir Dmitrys has come in   ONIONS - OJL in   1995   to year, having worked on   different posts in   Joint-Stock Company « LUKOIL - Nizhni Novgorod » Open Society NORSI - OJL, « LUKOIL - Bulgaria ». « Permnefteprodukt » is the largest operator of Prikamye on   to sale gorjuche - lubricants, 39 %   own; from   networks of the gas station of edge. The company also occupies more than third of retail market of the Kirov region, and   also 20 %   the market of Sverdlovsk area. In   2006   to year PNP realised in   retail 678   thousand tons of oil products.
Vyacheslav Sukhanov