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Breakdown susceptibility on mines has grown in times

Zamglavy of Rosaviation Gennady Loshchenov has declared that its department intends to make own lists of airlines which break safety rules in territory of the country.
according to mister Loshchenova, in Russia checks of all carriers which arrive to the international airports of the Russian Federation are now conducted, and already there is data about the one who from the foreign companies breaks requirements. The official has explained that in black lists is planned to bring not only foreign, but also the Russian airlines which on the basic categories will not carry out safety requirement of flights. EU is preliminary notified on Russian side plans on drawing up of such lists, - he has specified. - however we cannot officially make at present these lists while there is no special standard base . In Rosaviation hope that it will be finished in the nearest month - ones and a half in Ministry of Transport. Department has already entered a number of restrictions and interdictions for operation of boards of the domestic companies, inducing them thus to a re-equipment solution of a problem. Besides, the Russian aviation authorities conduct the electronic account of infringers and in the near future assume data exchange with Eurocommission about airlines - infringers at the foreign and Russian airports. We will notice that on July, 4th the Eurocommission has definitively confirmed the updated black list of airlines to which flights in air space of EU are forbidden. The list included all Indonesian airlines - only 51, the largest air carrier of Angola TAAG Angolan Airlines and an Ukrainian Volare . The aviation authorities of Russia have preferred to forbid all operations in the European Union to four Russian passenger air carriers and to enter restrictions on operations for six other carriers.