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Low kitchen

meal Preparation - very charming theme, kitchen whether kitchens now anyhow open hardly on each TV channel. It is obvious that the hero of a cartoon film Ratatuj Remi, the talented culinary specialist, would not call even in the program Relish in which to a plate invite whom popadja if only the person was good. Remi not to see TV cameras, because Remi - a rat. Here, actually, and all collision of a new film of co-production of studios Disney and Pixar. On a dustbin behind one of snack bars there lives rat family. Lives not without the freak. Kid Remi - the aesthete, a gourmet, the culinary specialist. Nonconformism krysenysha - a serious problem for relatives. It leads up pomojnyh rodstvennichkov to frenzy literally. Costs to one of fat blockheads to extract a slice is more tasty, there and then this pervert allow to stick, as supposedly it is possible to eat that has got, so after all and appetite can spoil.
Who could think that krysak which has been raised by garbage, will find out a fine sense of smell and culinary talent. But after all, without having learnt some sewage of Paris and the gone out products from dumps, it is difficult to estimate up to the end the best. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell, what not one congenital taste and a scent have made Remi a notable gourmet. He has studied completely the book of the late culinary specialist well-known on all France - consider, has got education. Besides Remi so srodnilsja with its author that that is now to it from subconsciousness the fairy godmother in a cap. Embodied internal cook Remi results it in restaurant, when - that him created. There, on a glass roof of kitchen, this culinary guru arranges mini - examination to the protege. Admiring the fussy kitchen world, pomeshannyj on cooking of rats notices that the guy - posudomojshchik Lingvini ruins soup. Such mockery at art of Remi to bear not in a condition and jumps from a roof to rectify situation. The being having a tail flies over a plate, pouring in a tub of spice and the necessary components. Having caught an animal behind this employment, Lingvini hides a rat, but itself has not time to hide from the present chief, spiteful, worthless pudges Zhivodera. For arbitrariness posudomojshchiku properly gets, but soup is all the same already sent the client. Lingvini charge to drown a rat in Hay. But at the young man the hand does not rise to ruin such talent. Having agreed to Lingvini, Remi rescues itself and has an opportunity to embody the dream - to become the present cook. Now Lingvini becomes for Remi a puppet which krysenysh will operate, more truly, whose hands will start to create culinary masterpieces at last.
Ratatuj - animation long-term construction. At first over a film worked one command of animators, but has put something did not go. Then heads of studios have called to the aid known animator Brad Berda ( the Superfamily ) . It has processed the scenario and the master " has recovered action; fast pictures, the artist has forced a rat to rush about on kitchen with speed of a bullet.
if to merge all humour, small details and jeers, in a deposit there will be banal Disney`s imperative: be oneself, accept native, help blockheads and remember that to each Cinderella (read - krysenyshu) it will be rewarded according to the deserts. Truth Ratatuj these morals as oil, you will not spoil.