Rus News Journal


the Live exposition . Tsarskoje Selo on a visit at the Historical museum - the Gospel from first Romanov`s the family / till August, 5th
the Kremlin. The patriarchal palace

Icon painters of tsar Michael Romanov / till October, 29th

the Moscow museum of the modern art

the Workshop - 2007 / till July, 22nd

Museums of the Kremlin

Cartier. XX-th century innovations / till August, 25th



Alexander Savko. Demons of my dream / till July, 15th - in gallery Ajdan

Oleg Kulik. the Recycle bin / till July, 15th - in gallery XL

Gari Tatintsjana Gallery

Andre Buttser. Painting/ till August, 6th

Gallery the House of Nashchokina

Zynaida Serebryakov. a children`s portrait / till September, 1st

Gallery the Tree

Irina and Valery Nagy. Contemplation / till July, 31st

Gallery Zurab

Adeli Sarro. Force, magic and paints of Brazil / till July, 22nd

Gallery Our artists

Russian artists in France of first half of XX-th century/ till July, 30th

Passionate parkway

the Wild world . Steve Blum. A photo/ till August, 31st

pop/ off/ art

Naftali Rakuzin. Library of the artist / till July, 14th