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Defect possible

In capital club 1. Maximum best of groups unfamiliar to mass audience has acted. Anthony Hegarti has like inconsistent charisma BORIS - DRUMS.
throughout last two years the name nju - jorkskogo the singer Anthony Hegarti was in Moscow something like the password on which identified the. An album I Am a Bird Now copied each other on CD - pigs and transferred with a serious kind: You should listen to it . If you know Anthony, means, read the necessary press and look through correct sites. Thus in songs of mister Hegarti there is nothing zapredelno vanguard or demanding special preparation. Tall androgin sings informidable songs under violins, a grand piano and sometimes wind instruments. Subjects of songs - gomo - and transsexuality in all its displays though mister Hegarti insists on the term transgendernost . Thus public in club 1. Maximum Has gathered at all only thematic the notice was not, but spectators it was typed more than on performances of many it is smoothfaced - popovyh groups which so like to invite in this hall.

All existing in consciousness of the inhabitant the set of stamps how the open gay occupied with art should look and behave, is present at mister Hegarti in full. Affectedness, gesticulation, a manner to speak, the slang drag - queens - as soon as it has appeared before public and has playfully waved a palm, at once it became clear that is still more serious, than we assumed. Performances in image of heroine Izabelly Rosselinni from linchevskogo the Dark blue velvet remained in andergraundnom the past, but in the rest Anthony - a flesh from a flesh nju - jorkskogo the gay - community. pereslushivaja records Antony And the Johnsons before a concert, the correspondent strongly doubted, whether can transfer live performance at least half of the magic embodied in studio. It was that rare occurence when the result has surpassed expectations.

the sound, and especially voice sounding, did not cause claims, apparently, for the first time for all history of club 1 . By the way, Anthony Hegarti has cancelled all concerts of present European tour from - for problems with a voice, having left in the schedule only performance in Moscow. The most captious visitors 1 have noticed that it nevertheless saves a voice. But in the whole its singing causing in memory simultaneously Nina Simon, Bryan Ferri and Fight of George, made impression of the most important thing which during this moment occurs on a planet. Arrangements have been organised in the most thin image. Any pressing, only creation of a comfortable support for a vocal. And this with the fact that in structure Antony And the Johnsons - a high-grade string quartet moreover the guitarist, in time to cope with wind instruments. So it is silent in 1 did not play still never, there was no also a similar atmosphere of awe.

in first half of show only two songs it was possible to name known - Cripple And the Starfish and For Today I Am a Boy . And that with the big stretch. Hits at Anthony in Russia are not present, as in massmedia this actor is absent as the fact. Anthony has executed many new songs and some cover - versions from which the song " was allocated; Crazy In Love from repertoire of Bejonse. Smash hit MTV of two-year prescription, having got into paws Anthony, has lost recognised copper introductions and all diskotechnogo a drive, the singer completely perekroil a composition under itself, having made of it a song deeply lyrical and vicious not on visual, and at the deepest subconscious level. More close to the ending Anthony has returned to own shock numbers and has finished, having sung behind a grand piano the first song with I Am a Bird Now - Hope There`s Someone .

Anthony Hegarti has taken the Moscow public by storm and when has understood that already basically can twist from it ropes, has dared to reveal also as the actor of a colloquial genre. Probably, this party of its talent - a heritage of those times when it left on nju - jorkskie a club stage not earlier than three o`clock in the morning and entertained visitors by all available means. The monologues it divided blocks from several songs. The singer has taken an interest, whence in Moscow know its new songs, and has there and then assumed that download from the Internet. The singer has shared impressions of the Russian military men seen during walk on capital: At you such beautiful young soldiers, such brawny, I saw, how one cleaned boots, oh, directly heart fades! And to them also the weapon trust! the singer has told, how together with the violinist the groups by name of Maxim Moston, the Muscovite by origin, has gone to search for the house where that has grown: There nearby park, also know, there on benches so it is a lot of older persons! At us in New York old men you will not meet, all of them have sent in houses for aged, from eyes down with. And at you directly a unification of generations! most picturesque of baek Anthony too concerned Russian: I in New York have one girl the acquaintance, too the Muscovite. Her parents - conservative people with the Soviet past. And she in the senior classes began to earn in quality ` madams `, know, worked with those who loves a sado-maso, received them. And here is how - that parents have found it, when it sekla any gentleman. They ask: ` Dear, what it at us in a drawing room occurs? And it: ` do not worry, it I prepare for school performance ` .