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Down-pour John

On Palace Square has acted sir Elton John. In Petersburg it has executed program Elton and Band - a classical set of the main hits for its all years almost 40 - summer musical career, to take pleasure with which to public and the musician the torrential rain has not prevented even. ELENA - GERUSOVA tells.
From the main world bottoms - stars sir Elton John has located in Russia, perhaps that, most densely. With concerts here it came still in the end of 70 - h years when very few people from its colleagues on musical shop looked for the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet music fans not always knew, how their idols look. That hardly probable not the first envoy the fate - n - a beater in Soviet Union has appeared Elton John, can seem strange - the extravagant musician was not too entered in socialist system of values. But also ideological threat of excellent quality of bottoms - Eltona John`s music, however, did not represent. On a present concert of sir Eltona those who listened to it in Leningrad of 1979 have come also - tickets in the black market cost the whole 13 roubles. This time (judging by the sold tickets) a concert on Palace has visited about 20 thousand the persons who have paid for this stained pleasure from 500 to 15 thousand roubles.

Elton John, apparently, feeds for Petersburg especially tender feelings. He like even would want to celebrate wedding in the Konstantinovsky Palace - but in spite of the fact that to the singer and its groom have refused this regal whim, sir Elton of insult has not concealed. He was offended by the request to sing and play more silently: on hearings, the director of the Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky was afraid that excessive decibels can cause a damage to museum masterpieces. However, in day of a concert it has appeared that Eltona John`s music far not the most terrible act of nature threatening to the former imperial palace, - in a city has been declared storm warning, and before the beginning of a concert the torrential rain has gone.

the Concert on Palace, however, managed to be begun almost in time, at the eighth o`clock, Elton John prior to the beginning of the eleventh sang. From time to time, to joyful approval of public, being put to whisky - the cold and a rain indeed scolded. In Petersburg the musician has begun the performance with a known ballad Funeral For a Friend . Such beautiful, such all favourite that almost already lost bitterness. On Palace, under a torrential rain, under thunder peals, in an environment of wet crowd, it sounded is even not sad, and tragically. The people standing around under umbrellas, felt as at a house concert: all - taki if people become wet together, means, something connects them. Besides the choice of songs has appeared unusual enough, some did not appear in record of years 30. Besides other on Palace sir John has returned to hits of the beginning 70 - h - Madmen Across the Water Hercules Tiny Dancer Rocket Man .

But here songs I Believe In Love which all waited and even demanded, sir Elton and is not has sung. Perhaps any more does not trust. Perhaps does not want to follow the tastes of public, even such true and wet, as Petersburg. Which and without it remained is happy, having agreed that not only a storm, but even fonjashchaja under impulses of a heavy wind the equipment has not spoilt a concert. So brave knight John has led as the true British, to which rain in general - that at all a hindrance.