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Rosneft the General debts " have got into debt YUKOS

; Rosneft formed as a result of purchase of actives of YUKOS, has increased by $4,5 mlrd at the expense of debts of recently got structures. About it it became known from the information memorandum of the company prepared for release of eurobonds. Experts believe that the part of debts will be written off, and debts Tomskneft thanks to sale of 50 % of its actions to Foreign trade and investment bank will not be reflected in the balance sheet Rosneft .
Rosneft together with the companies of YUKOS which were sold during bankruptcy, has got debts for the sum more than $4,5 billion About it it is told in the information memorandum which has appeared on Friday Rosneft to preparing placing of eurobonds for the sum to $5 billion As a result of purchase of actives of YUKOS within the limits of sale of property of the company or their buying up at winners of auctions, it is informed in the document, Rosneft accumulated new debts for a total sum of $3,542 mlrd and the saved up percent for the sum $1 billion These debts include bills for the sum of $2,176 mlrd which basic part can be shown to repayment, are told in the memorandum.

in it it is separately noticed that $1,4 mlrd from the general debts are necessary on a share Tomskneft including $877 million bill debt. Rosneft has informed on sale of 50 % of actions Tomskneft to Foreign trade and investment bank (veb, has the status of Bank of development) past Monday. In the memorandum the information that the sum of transaction has made $3,4 mlrd - as much " proves to be true; Rosneft has paid for purchase of the basic actives of a prize #13 at the unknown person Pranas (see from July, 3rd).

Branch analysts remind that Rosneft already and so it is considerably burdened by debts. Its debts even after payment to creditors of $9,2 mlrd, received within the limits of bankruptcy of YUKOS, remain at level about $25 billion And debts of new affiliated companies for it additional burden. However experts notice that with share sale in Tomskneft Rosneft can separate from a part of these debts. In the memorandum it is underlined that since June, 25th Tomskneft it is consolidated on an individual share method. A credit analyst of rating agency Standard and Poors Elena Anankina has explained that, having sold 50 % of actions Tomskneft Rosneft has got rid of formal control over an active that at consolidation on an individual share method allows it not to reflect in the balance its debts. Whether

will be responsible for debts Tomskneft the partner Rosneft it is not clear yet as position veba in the given transaction is not clear. In Rosneft Assert that 50 % of actions Tomskneft it is written already off in favour of the buyer, and money has arrived into accounts, that is from the oil company the transaction is closed. But veb directly in day of the announcement of the transaction Rosneft on July, 2nd, has declared that did not get actives Tomskneft . And on Friday the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin, a member of the supervisory board of Bank of development, has declared that materials under such transaction were not brought in the supervisory board . Through the supervisory board should pass all transactions for the sum exceeding 10 % of an authorised capital stock of Bank developments ($65 million). The first session of the supervisory board has passed on June, 28th and when the following while it is not known will take place. In vebe have refused to confirm or deny the fact of the transaction with Rosneft or presence at bank of intention it to conclude, no less than to explain an origin of the money received Rosneft .

the Sources familiar with a situation, two versions of events continue to put forward. One assert that veb will be the nominal holder of half of papers Tomskneft in interests Rosneft . Other source assumes that absence of formal approval by the supervisory board can be used in the future the WEB OHM as the basis for active resale to Gazprom (in monopoly on it officially do not make comments), as well as it was supposed initially within the limits of the agreement on section of actives between two state companies.