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Smolnyj closes garages

On Friday in Smolnom has passed meeting on which the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko has charged to committee on building to prepare the city program of stage-by-stage liquidation of garage co-operative societies and replacement with their many-tier parkings. On a plan of officials, the program should not infringe upon interests of members of co-operative societies. Besides, Matvienko`s madam has promised that next year in each disctrict of the city will be constructed on a parking for exempts. For these purposes from the local budget it is planned to allocate about 300 million roubles.
the quantity of cars in Petersburg annually increases. By calculations smolninskih the officials, made seven years ago, by 2010 their number should increase to 1,35 million However this indicator it was possible to reach already during the current year: today every third townsman (including babies and old men) is the owner of the car. Therefore the problem of parkings both in the historical centre, and in dormitory areas becomes more and more actual. Now deficiency of parking spaces makes about 400 thousand In a city administration consider what partially to solve this problem it is possible by means of replacement of existing collective parking places (KAS) many-tier parkings.
now the earth occupied with garage co-operative societies, is withdrawn from a commercial turn and used inefficiently. The committee on town-planning and architecture (KGA) has spent inventory of such parking places, having divided them into four groups depending on rent terms. In the first have got KAS with rent term for one year (98), to the second - for three years (203), in the third - till 10 years (105) and, at last, in the fourth - till 49 years (3). Last category has caused surprise in the governor. It has reminded head KUGI Igor Metelsky that lease contracts with KAS should consist for a year, and further to last. Prepare for me the inquiry on co-operative societies and find out, who has resolved rent for such long terms - Matvienko`s madam has addressed to officials.
according to KGA, all in a city 327 thousand boksovyh garages which occupy the space more than 1 thousand in hectare is. From this area of 300 hectares are not subject to building. The remained earths can be used. So, on 350 hectares 118 thousand boksovyh garages now settles down. on these sites it is possible to construct five-floor parkings in which there will be almost 270 thousand parking spaces. It will make 82 percent from total of garages - the main architect of a city Alexander Viktorov has declared. He also has noticed that if to build nine-floor parkings the number of places will double. 350 hectares which have remained almost can be started in a commercial turn, having realised through the auctions.
the accurate mechanism of replacement of garage complexes many-tier parkings while is not present, but from reports of officials it is possible to allocate two variants. At the first to participants of garage co-operative societies will suggest to be engaged in building of parkings independently. In this case they will receive a site under building on favourable terms (from them deduction on development of a city infrastructure will not demand). The second variant consists in sale of commercially attractive sites by a special-purpose designation. At this Smolnyj intend to demand from businessmen of allocation of a part of parking spaces for exempts (veterans of the Great Patriotic War, invalids, blokadnikov).
the question on building of municipal parkings has separately been considered. Valentina Matvienko has suggested to construct in 2008 in each area of Petersburg on a parking for exempts, for these purposes from the local budget plan to allocate 300 million roubles.
however which image will spend liquidation KAS and building on their place of many-tier parkings, it becomes known only in the autumn. On the instructions of the governor the committee on building should prepare the city program where the mechanism of realisation of this idea should be painted for the middle of October.
Maxim Kirillov