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Flowers of beautiful life

the Collection Extravagant hours Jaeger - LeCoultre
About the prime minister in Venice - Ekaterina Istomin

Venice this year became the main centre for jeweller and hour premieres. Here have spent the debut displays Piaget (hours, jewelry) and Zenith (only hours). In turn, manufactory Jaeger - LeCoultre has presented in the beginning of September within the limits of the Venetian film festival a collection Extravagant hours . These are subjects haute joaillerie, executed in the single copy.

the press fairly named Jaeger - LeCoultre the premieres most productive and interesting on number a manufactory of 2007. And that happens extremely seldom, Jaeger - LeCoultre it was possible to achieve successes as in a difficult hour segment (we mean model Master Compressor Extreme Lab which mechanism does not contain some greasing, and also comprises six more patents), and in creation of hours - ornaments piece unique. For last hours on the Geneva salon of high hour art (SIHH) at stand Jaeger - LeCoultre even the separate room reminding the safe has been allocated.

in a collection Extravagant hours first of all it is necessary to note two flower models - La Rose and La Tulipe. It is the figurative for very many years figurative, volume, sculptural hours Jaeger - LeCoultre. The flower theme is chosen not casually: flowers - one of the main plots of this year. For manufacturing La Rose of the master have spent 600 business hours, as much time has occupied also manufacture of model La Tulipe.

La Rose represents the dismissed flower of a rose in which centre there is a dial. The flower is fixed on rather twisting branch which makes a bracelet. This hour ornament is executed from rodirovannogo white gold, and 3100 stones which gross weight makes 75 carat are involved in it. From them - 1480 pink sapphires (nearby 43 carat), 130 rubies (1,2 carats), 120 brilliants (1,5 carats), besides, are present also semiprecious stones - 1370 tsavoritov in weight in 30 carat. In hours mechanism Jaeger - LeCoultre - calibre 846 is filled. In a manufactory also underline that two new technics has been applied to frames - snow - setting and rock - setting which allow to play sides even to the smallest stones.

La Tulipe - hours in the form of a tulip flower. These hours more difficult, than La Rose. The matter is that the precious tulip reveals - enough only to press a spring hidden under the hour case. The flower and bracelet are made of yellow gold, in this ornament 3550 stones in gross weight of 85 carat are used. Here there are yellow sapphires number 1920 (52 carats), 30 brilliants (0,32 carats) and 1600 tsavoritov is powerful 32,5 carats. In La Tulipe there is a same calibre of work Jaeger - LeCoultre, as in La Rose.

It is necessary to notice that stilisticheski these hours - ornaments Jaeger - LeCoultre gravitate to the highest French jeweller samples. For example, to flower ornaments which are done by jewellers Boucheron - especially to last line Fleurs Fatales. Or to precious things Dior Fine Joaillerie, in particular to a collection of Viktuar de Kasteljan Belladona Island where it has been presented much mobile colours.

so unexpected flower ekzersisy have been added by a dish traditional for a manufactory - hours in the form of cuffs with legendary 101 - m in calibre inside. Cuffs have different drawing of links, width and even colour scale. There are, for example, classical white versions - from white gold and white brilliants. Is as well versions from nielloed gold with white and black brilliants. Similar hours - series ornaments 101 are firm for Jaeger - LeCoultre, after all on this manufactory in 1929 the unique calibre which and is considered today one of the smallest mechanical calibres in the world has been thought up. However this miracle of hour mechanics simultaneously is also a design icon ar - deko. A whole hours - cuffs as well as a flower clock, is made in the single copy.