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MUSIC with Boris Barabanovym

On Saturday, on September, 29th, in 16 tons the fate - collective Poni Hoax will act. On a debut album of group journalists have pasted a label French Franz Ferdinand however except the British juice roots Poni Hoax feed also own, French. A decadence, experiment and motives of Serzha Gensbura in their music too in a prosperity.

in club Ikra the same evening - festival of actual Swedish music SWExperience. The major participant of event and, probably, the most actual from the point of view of musical process the guest performer of this weekend - 26 - summer amateur performer Jens Lekman. The closest analogue of its songs - products is meanwhile better than known Jose Gonzalesa at us. Mister Lekman too composes the transparent ballads which have been not burdened with electronic arrangements or the attacking bit. The Hawaiian guitar, string section, lace of samples and the Scandinavian romanticism in texts surround a voice which compare to Morrissi and Stephen Merrittom from Magnetic Fields. Jens Lekman can act accompanied by a guitar and leptopa and if there is a mood - deduces on a scene chorus or string ensemble. Anyway this bright and unusual show. In present tour it shows a material of just left album Night Falls Over Kortedala .

Upon termination of its set in to Caviar the priest - groups The Knife Christopher Berg will represent itself as the DJ saundprodjuser the most intellectual European. Same night in frameworks the Swedish intrusion in to Caviar - the sentimental neojazzman by name of Jor - El.

on September, 30th in club 1 Maximum the new plate 10 Years Of Greatest Shit the Petersburg group " will present; Psiheja . The collective which is almost absent on radio stations and large musical TV channels, could become one of in the lead on the Russian alternative scene exclusively at the expense of unity of admirers, which without special advertising hammer solid concert platforms not only in Petersburg and Moscow, but also in other cities. Songs for the collection the greatest hits have been selected at participation all the same fans, perearanzhirovany and are anew written down in studio. To everyone who will come on a concert, the disk in a gift is promised. Claims often sounding to a command concerning that at their concerts not to disassemble words also should be removed - Psiheja promises to involve the best sound equipment.

Within the limits of David Tibeta`s curator contract and club Ikra the same evening in Moscow the old colleague of the leader of group Cureent 93 and the leader of multilayered and multiple-valued project Nurse With Wound Stewart Steplton will act. Judging by videorecordings, performances Nurse With Wound are most of all similar to laboratory experiments of the several excentric alchemists creating simultaneously both music, and video. On a proscenium as the vocalist in Moscow David Tibet is promised.

next day after special occurrence at ceremony MTV RMA in club 1 Maximum the American singer Avril Lavin will act. The performer similar to young Meg Rajan will present the new album The Best Damn Thing . It is the third studio work of the singer, which at the beginning of career differently, as nimfetkoj on a skateboard did not name. Now she is the developed actress with the recognised stylistics which can be described, how The maiden priest - the punk . Matured and even married (for the vocalist of group Sum 41) madam Lavin if has become staid, not in music. She on - former plays vigorous teenage fate, and here film producers even more often see it in serious roles. Its last film works - a thriller Flight with Richard Gere and antiglobalistskaja the fast food Nation Richard Linklejtera.