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Sadism, masochism and infantility

Collection Iceberg autumn - winter 2007/ 08
Marina Prokhorov

Daily city clothes Iceberg always tells had one and thus very important advantage - it perfectly sits. But last years designers of this mark calculated on youth have started to position it as mark for active club life and, in our opinion, were fond a little. This change of stylistics has occurred while broskost and that it is accepted to name impudent sexuality, have got out of fashion.

however, admirers remained with mark - as we already marked, trousers and jeans Iceberg sit excellently, and the most simple on a cut tops and jumpers do a remarkable line of a shoulder and a slender waist. Things in the spirit of casual at mark always looked very adequately.

in this season at Iceberg there is a chance to increase quantity of devoted clients. New collection Iceberg is made by anonymous group of stylists, but under supervision of fine designer Dzhambattisty Valli. And this circumstance has done at once mark good. The mark stylistics have changed again.

collection Iceberg of a season autumn - the winter 2007/ 08 is made taking into account the changed moods so the majority of things not only sits, but also looks beautifully. At once the good cut and successful proportions became visible peculiar to mark. The favourite image of girl Iceberg remains a bit aggressive, but in it there is no vulgarity. Things mostly very gloomy, in army or Neogothic style .

And the most unfortunate part of a present collection it is necessary to recognise clothes in the spirit of the most erotic trend of this autumn - BDSM. Ostensibly sputyvajushchie a body the belts sewed on thick knitted dresses and fur coats from a shaggy Mongolian sheep, look a little deliberately and break cleanliness of a silhouette.

But things without decorative belts are good as on selection. Fine outer clothing - simple sheep fur coats, short and wide, lined mutonom olive colour mundirnye jackets with prisborennymi floors, the excellent small quilted oval coats - cocoons, olive on an orange lining dimensionless parks and small round jackets with very fashionable sleeves - bufami, rather big letchitskie jackets and short straight lines daflkoty from an orange and black boucle.

also in a new collection amusing infantile shorts with grudkoj, sewed of thin shining lame, very narrow trousers and very wide, dimensionless sweaters reminding huge scales impressive are viscous also free jackets from a tweed salt with pepper with a fastener as at daflkotov and furnish from the black goat.

silk direct dresses with a bright border on a mouth and a hem and the small jackets well planted on a figure with lapels. The very precisely found dresses - the coats reminding most frantovskoj the frock coat, and shapeless granzhevye kardigany to a knee from strong prisborennogo thin jersey.

and here evening dresses Iceberg though are twined by belts, have quite gone right. Wide, pulling together in some numbers a waist rough belts on short, strongly draped tunikah look quite defensible. They remind of amazons, Spartan women and other voitelnitsah to antiquity. This image quite corresponds to hardish idea of female collections Iceberg and thus stilisticheski is sustained and proved.

the prices from 9 thousand to 90 thousand rbl.