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Garu - Garu passing through walls Garou - Garou, le passe muraille 1951

Destiny of a romantic short story of Marseilles Eme about the Parisian who has opened in gift to pass through walls, proves delightful contempt of a cinema for any author`s plan. The handicraftsman - a cosmopolitan of Laslo Vajda in 1959 picturized the book in a tragical key, and imperceptible Frenchman Jean Buaje - in burlesknom spirit. zatjukannyj the bookkeeper and the trumpeter - the fan Leon (Burvil) casually passed for the first time in its version through a wall when it which have become slightly tight, did not start up in apartment the sister - the stinker and her husband - zhlobina. It directed a comic alarm of the house, on work and in prison where got, having closed up by the robber of banks: only to withdraw from a curve path charming thief Sjuzannu (Dzhoan Grinvud). However, all peripetias seem an unessential ornamental garnish to the main thing to a special effect More ridiculously which in the French comedy 1950 - h there is nothing: to a mocking physiognomy of Burvilja appearing through walls of offices and prison cells. Sinefilov will amuse that elegant gangster Morisa Zherar Uri, the future author " has played; Gawks and the Big walk .