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the Person - an animal La bete humaine 1938

Solemnly declaring that henceforth it will put only comedies, great Jean Renoir has immediately shot the most gloomy film under the novel of Emilja Zolja. Machinist Jean (Jean Gaben), a victim of hereditary attacks of unmotivated fury, killed the mistress Severin (Simona Simon) which before has rescued from suspicion in murder, and then committed a suicide, having rushed from a locomotive footboard. Railway department has put at disposal of the director all possibilities: Gaben and other actors playing railwaymen, even have passed a professional preparation short course. But, as though Renoir aspired to especial realism, something turned out always poetic like Station Sen - Lazar Claude Monet. The depot and stations with which life of all characters is connected, formed the special, irreal Universe, rails became a metaphor of caducity of life. Physiological, on versions of Zolja, Jean`s predisposition to murder turned around almost antique fate hanging it. The power on advantage has estimated a film, having accused Renoir of blasting on the eve of world war of fighting spirit of the nation.