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In the State Duma (%)

the Past from the moment of last Duma campaign elections in regional parliaments it is possible to consider the forecast of results of elections quite representative that on the basis of their results to make the forecast about results of elections in the State Duma in December, 2007. In research results passed in 2004 - 2007 of elections in 68 regions (80 % from total number of subjects of the Russian Federation) in which territory lives 85,2 million voters (approximately 80 % from number of all Russians having the right to vote) are considered. 34,9 million from them (40,9 %) have visited on polling districts for specified time. For forecast drawing up the official data of regional election committees about results of elections was used. The sum of the voices received by each of parties in all regions where it has taken part in elections, shared on total number of the voters who have taken part in voting. For an United Russia 68 campaigns participating in all, the result is the most exact. LDPR the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 66, Union of Right Forces - 32, Country party - 23, " has been brought in bulletins in 67 subjects; Patriots of Russia - 23, the Apple - 22, Fair Russia - 14. Thus, concerning these parties sample has appeared less representative, and the general result has not coincided from 100 %.