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Other books of week

Alexander Arhangelsky


SPb.: an amphora, 2007

Publicistic potret 1962.

Louise Wiener

the Big deceit

M: the Phantom - a press, 2007

the Leader forgotten in 90 - ye years of bottoms - groups Sleeper Louise Wiener any more does not sing, but actively writes. Among other - the novel how the girl searches for the father. And to receive the information on the parent, she needs to win it in card brothels of Vegasa.

Rum Voronezh

Drink vodka

M: Gajatri, 2007

the Designer of studio Artemija of Lebedev Roma Voronezhsky possesses tremendous efficiency and specific sense of humour. It yet has not bothered much.

Klifford Irving


M: nuclear heating plant, 2007

the Well-known history of the publication of the counterfeit biography of Howard Hughes: We had not so long ago a screen version with Richard Gere in a role of the falsifier. The book is much better, than a film.

Pavel Krusanov

All other - the literature

SPb.: an amphora, 2007

In the new book of the popular domestic author of a fantasy of Pavel Krusanova the essay and interview are collected. The main theme - destiny of Empire. And words about the literature - only that Crimean zhuzhelitsu it is necessary to return home. Together with Crimea, certainly.

Dmitry Lipskerov

School for emigrants

M: nuclear heating plant, 2007

Dmitry Lipskerov of plays does not write with 90 - h years and for a long time already it is not considered the playwright. Here its plays 80 - h, including " are republished; School for emigrants known on the performance of 1990 put by Mark Zaharovym in Lenkome .


Ljubov Orlova

M: Young guards, 2007

the Collection of the facts from the biography of Ljubovi Orlovoj carefully typed from documents and chronicles by the journalist and the admirer of the star by Alexander Hortom.