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Man`s in female

About mysterious sexual division of the modern Russian literature

Left in the beginning of summer a sketch of doctor Maxim Osipov Grigory Dashevsky reflects on provincial hospital At home country not only read, transferred to a companion and then with a companion discussed, but also reprinted and till now reprint in LiveJournal (the Internet - diaries) and in newspapers. Readers so worried, as if have met someone long-awaited, with that story-teller and the hero of whom they long and hopelessly dreamt. The sketch maintenance, and that it is written by the doctor, instead of the patient, and the man, instead of the woman was important here not.

in the modern Russian literature there is a mysterious sexual division. Both in verses, and in prose the social, external, real world is represented convincingly by women - Linor Goralik, Maria Stepanova, Elena Fanajlova, Alexander Marinin, Lyudmila Petrushevsky, Lyudmila Ulitsky and etc. And writers, unlike writers, convincingly write only about the world invisible. Prose writers write or about the world the future, as Vladimir Sorokin, or about occult, as Victor Pelevin, or about the worlds invented, as very many, and poets - about such strange sushchnostjah, as robots, aliens or own soul. And even absolutely real like the Moscow suburbs on which the dealer tea drives about, under Dmitry Danilov`s feather get a transparency and weightlessness of any land of Nod.

the matter is that for any realism the real world in which the heroine would survive is necessary or the hero operated. In Russia heroines survive in the real world, and heroes operate in the imaginary. The world of family values in which live - survive and bring up children - women, for all it is quite real, and here the world of patriotic capitalism, the big symbolical world, in which achieve (or do not achieve) success of the man, it is perceived as an invention. Both the capitalist success, and patriotic service are unpersuasive before as base values that seem only cover for archaic violence, therefore a unique realistic genre of the man`s world - as prison (army, a gang, sect and etc.) Has made me the person . (All attempts to create realistic product about the businessman - the hero have failed for a long time, and about the new hero, the worker of special services, reasonable sponsors order only fairy tales). To represent the unreal man`s world authentically and completely, authors and should write about vampires or oprichnikah.

But women survive in that territory where peacefully or furiously sleep - earn and spend money, fight by cars, kill each other, drink also etc. - the shipped in capitalist and patriotic dream of the man. Therefore - that the female realism almost always represents our territory as territory of continuous absurdity - all senses and values to a man`s half only is acted in film, and senseless activity of men or their inexplicable apathy is visible to the extraneous observer (observer) only.

From this dilemma (in the real world - a female survival, and man`s activism - in the world imaginary) for man`s, aktivistskogo, realism it is necessary - to pass a unique exit from the conditional world of man`s imaginations in the real world of a female survival, but thus not to change a floor, and to seize a man`s trade necessary in this world, for example the doctor or the school teacher. But as mistrust degree to all man`s in general is highest, it is necessary to write not simply about the doctor or on behalf of the doctor, and most to be the doctor that to you have believed. Here such nonfictional hero - the story-teller - living in real, that is female, the world and on - muzhski changing this world, - also was waited by the reader. Therefore - that he so was delighted, when there was Maxim Osipov.