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the Trade - the foreigner

With Dzhuliano di Capua about its role in to Russian game Sergey Polotovsky

you talked live in Russia any more the first year. In real life swindlers met?

Not, it is entirely thought up history. Here to accustom to drinking, to gain the confidence, it yes, tried. That one seemed drunk, and all the others could something then bad make, it, of course, on - russki. But to say that Russian game cinema vital, I would not become. I very much hoped that at cinema I can express how address in Russia with Italians. But it has turned out not so - there was a generalisation: a pier, do not dig to another a hole, wanted to deceive, and itself it was deceived - all as at Gogol.

shootings how many lasted?

In my case promised fifty three film-making days, and left - sixty one. In general removed from May, 20th till September, 13th - have begun with shootings in a night mode near Gatchina in the white nights and two have lost on it and a half a week.

actors did not offend you on a platform?

Makovetsky behaved on - dzhentlmenski, in every possible way helped. And if offended, is faster not as than the foreigner, and as young fighter: You here studied - that you were not learnt? . Basically, there was a good command - the organisation, a cracker, a make-up, suits. All with me were attentive, gentle.

as it was worked with Chuhraem?

There are directors, which after a shot furiously shout Stop! It is removed! . And you it is joyful that you have hit the nail, have made as it is necessary. At Chuhraja of it never is not present - type yes, well, but could and it is better . In it there is such kropotlivost, a meticulousness, a detail. As a whole this pedantry hangs over you, oppresses and smothers. Actors difficult natures, we should be opened, we should take pleasure, and if are not present is at once it becomes visible. When you all time extinguish, do not let know that you the good fellow, start to be tired. It is difficult to keep the cheerfulness. CHuhraj first wanted me to make gloomy, powerful, heavy such Marlonom Brando - and I its sunniness forced down. With Chuhraem, of course, to work interesting. He believes that itself will create the world, on what the unlike. Certainly, and to Makovetsky it was easier to Garmashu to find with it common language. All the same, I the foreigner, not up to the end understand, here ask to give italjanshchiny - and as you will give it, it appears that another is necessary absolutely.

you could as to lose in life?

I basically in cards do not play. But I constantly lose, investing in friends, in theatre, and half of attempts does not get married success. Here yes, here me inflate.