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Molotok. ru nastuchal $400 thousand

On Friday QXL Ricardo declared purchase of 30 % of shares the largest in Russia online - auction Molotok. ru. The transaction could cost to it about $400 thousand On the basis of Molotok and Aukro. ru, also belonging QXL, the company plans to create large trading system in which it is ready to invest $ more 1,5 million From - for backwardness of systems of electronic payments and mistrust of buyers to private online - to dealers online in a RuNet - auctions in Russia are not popular, experts warn.
30 % of shares of Open Company the Hammer. ru QXL has redeemed at company Mail. ru. The Sum of transaction is not disclosed, but analysts IK finam estimate an active in $400 thousand In statement Mail. ru it is said that QXL has received an option for package increase in Molotok to 51 % in case of successful development of business . Period of validity of an option and financial indicators Molotok at which its execution is possible, do not disclose the party.

QXL Ricardo Plc the Internet - the auctions, working in ten countries, including Russia owns the network largest in Europe. The trading platform developed by the company, serves about 7 million users and 50 million transactions a year. A gain in I quarter 2007 - $30,6 million

Molotok. Ru monthly visits about 500 thousand users. According to IK finam the annual gain - $450 - 500 thousand Visitors of a site consists about 50 thousand transactions a month from which the site receives the commission from 3 % depending on the sum. In rating Rambler in a category the Goods and services Molotok takes the fourth place on attendance.

in Mail. ru and QXL assert that intend to create on the basis of Molotok larger auction platform in a RuNet - for this purpose auction will unite with already operating in Russia Aukro. ru. In development of the project of the party were obliged to enclose $5 million from which QXL invests $1,5 million According to the expert of fund finam - IT Leonid Delitsina, even association Aukro is simple and Molotok can increase audience Molotok by third.

the president of company LETA Alexander Chachava considers that business online - auctions in Russia yet does not bring the big incomes and is poorly organised. By its estimations, now in Russia the Internet - auctioneers together earn all no more than $1 million year, and volume of transactions on online - the auctions does not exceed $50 million (on share Molotok it is necessary 70 - 80 %). At QXL there is a good chance to generate this market under itself with support of resources Mail. ru, - mister Chachava speaks. - the Competent investor having experience in Europe, can quite lift turn Molotok in two - three times. Now online - auctions in Russia nobody is engaged in development purposefully: for auctions practically shops or bulletin boards " always stand out;.

According to the operating partner Ashmanov and partners Igor Ashmanova, development of auction business is interfered by backwardness of the electronic payment systems, allowing to carry out remote payments on plastic cards. besides if the seller is in Moscow, and the potential buyer in Vladivostok, delivery will be too long and expensive - the expert also marks. And the operating partner iKS - Consulting Tatyana Tolmachyov explains that the Russian buyers do not trust on-line sellers: Probability of that you will transfer money from a card, and in exchange do not receive anything, it is great. Roguish schemes and absence of the guarantees provided at legislative level, frighten off potential buyers .