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Avignon maidens have not called on their birthday

this year 100 years to Pablo Picasso`s axiomatic picture " are executed; Avignon maidens considered as the cubism manifesto. Frenchmen adequately to celebrate important in the history of art anniversary, have created an exposition Picasso - the cubist in Picasso`s Parisian Museum. However, birthday women for a holiday have not called. From Paris - SURIJA - SADEKOVA.
Avignon maidens are stored in MOMA - nju - jorkskom the Museum of Modern Art, and that without superfluous need for travel does not release a picture. Especially it was already exposed in halls of the Museum of Picasso in 1987. Frenchmen have decided that repetition - mother of the doctrine and in an anniversary exposition have remembered all theoretical base of an exhibition of twenty years` prescription. Curators also do not hide that used materials of exhibitions Marriage/ Picasso. Pioneers of a cubism 1990 and Primitiveness in XX-th century art 1984 - go. The present exposition has turned out atypical for the French exhibition landscape - academic, without defects and without a delicacy, suitable for people who stand only on a threshold of knowledge in the field of art.

but with some reservations. Picasso have pulled out from all historical context. It appears in proud loneliness as though was the unique founder and the ideologist of a basic direction in art of the last century. About its colleague George Brake have forgotten absolutely, instead of it have remembered influence of Black art, therefore in distant back streets it is possible to find out some the African masks. 350 works, basically from museum funds are exposed, the masterpieces have shared both the Museum of Modern Art of New York, and Guggenhajm, and Basel Kunstmuzeum, is works from private collections, but the main works kubisticheskogo Picasso`s period at an exhibition are not presented.

Over an exhibition composition too a head did not break, all is presented in a chronological order. A material have divided on two most parts - Genesis of a cubism of Picasso and cubism Laboratory . In total it has turned out 13 tiny zalchikov, each of which is devoted certain years, from 1907 - go to 1924 - go.

the Most interesting - extensive summaries at an input in each hall. One part of an exposition - an illustration to Guillaume Apollinera`s statement of 1912: to Write pictures it is possible with everything: with pipes, stamps, cards and playing cards. Scraps of wall-paper and newspapers. The main thing - to see work. After all by quantity of the work enclosed by the artist, it is possible to estimate on advantage its product .

If to follow logician Apollinera, an exhibition Picasso - the cubist to understand hardly. Not everyone will remember that the cubism is a new view on space and prospect that he was born under the influence of works of Dzhotto. That the first steps in this direction belong to Anri Matisse, and Picasso has followed the master and has surpassed it. Small sketches 1906 - 1907 if not to get a grasp of the explanatory text, hardly will provide guidance on influence on the artist of archeological excavations in Osune, which Picasso attentively studied throughout winter - 1905/ 06.

And absolutely it becomes insulting, when you will read Picasso`s statement about visiting of the Ethnographic museum of Trokadero: Masks were not usual sculptures. In them the magic was concealed. Blacks have appeared defenders, they protected from all - from unknown spirits, magic. And I have understood. I too against all. One in this monstrous museum among red-skinned dolls and dusty dummies. During this moment Avignon girls ` were born `... They not search of the new form, no, this the first ekzortsistskoe a cloth .

In three halls all way which has led to occurrence of a historical picture is traced. And the picture - that also is not present. Probably, everyone should remember by heart broken female figures for which under the legend maidens from a brothel in Avignon posed. Impression such, as if you long prepared for surprising event which should occur at you in the face of, and in last hall it is rather impolite have sent where far away - for ocean, on museum mile in nju - jorksky MOMA.