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freedom will be not necessary to Chubays
  That will be with Chubajsom

freedom is not necessary to Chubays

Yesterday in Presidential Administration rumours that already within the next few days Anatoly Chubays, probably, will come back to civil service - as adviser Boris Yeltsin were spread. As it is surprising at first sight, the most convincing acknowledgement of this information in the government consider Chubays`s intention to head the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “.

the Decision on Chubays`s appointment to the higher post in the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, predictably, will be accepted in ten days. The extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the Russian Open Society planned for April, 4th should select new board of directors of the company. The list of candidates from the state on - former is headed by Chubays.
however that former the first vitse - the prime minister could hold a post in the Russian Open Society, it is necessary for it to settle some formalities urgently. A problem essence in the following. The state posesses 52,7 % of actions of the Russian Open Society, accordingly, it has the right a minimum to eight places in Russian Open Society board of directors (all 15 persons enter into it). After recent loud scandals in the power Russian Open Society have declared that and will be: not less than half of councillors will represent exclusively state interests. The Russian Open Society operational administration is carried out by the chairman of the board with whom the state concludes the special contract. Thus in the head of administration of the Russian Open Society there can not be an official is it is directly forbidden by the federal law on civil service.
thus, at Anatoly Chubays, which arrival in “ UES of Russia “ It is considered a question solved, there are two ways. Optimum for Chubays would become, on - visible, appointment to the post of the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“. But practice (in particular, history of signing of the contract between the state and the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society “ Gazprom “ Remom Vyahirev) testifies that this process can be tightened not for one month. Such neither Chubays, nor the government now to itself cannot allow.
the second and more real way has been prepared during the stay of Chubays by the first vitse - the prime minister. Its nominee has been put forward by the government on a post of the chairman of board of directors and, most likely, would be confirmed at April meeting of shareholders. But for this purpose, on the contrary, it is necessary to be the state employee. It means that Chubays should restore the relations with the state - again - taki on a contract basis.
an exit - return on civil service. It is simple; The smog the Boris Berezovsky dismissed from Security council to become Yumashev`s adviser. The key moment - Yeltsin`s consent. And judging by the informal information from the White house, Chubays`s desire to become one of heads of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ has been supported by the president. Besides, if Chubays goes the second way will solve not only legal problems, but also will keep the political reputation - after all to be Boris Yeltsin`s adviser incomparably pochetnee, than somebody.