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The reporting from Nizhni Novgorod

Participants a round table about capital and a province
  the Reporting from Nizhni Novgorod

Participants a round table about capital and a province

Valery Perfilyev, the chief of department of the fine arts of the Ministry of culture: This action is important as support of the regional cultural initiative. Our problem - to support all actual phenomena, except what at us raise some aesthetic doubts. I mean cult names which all of you know .

Andrey Yerofeev, the head of department of the modern art of the state museum Tsarina`s : Disappointments in the modern art in a province have not occurred yet. Here still say that art takes for soul that it should be experienced. All it is connected with general public, instead of with narrow circle of professional spectators, as in Moscow. And for GTSSI the network of branches is a form of increase in staff, the budget and the administrative importance. Almost zero public status which now at us has the modern art, can be interrupted only any external proof of prestigiousness of this phenomenon .

Vladimir Levashov, the independent critic and the curator: the Capital has moved to a province because the modern art in capital, in - the first, has ceased to receive money from the western funds. In - the second, there is a sensation that atmosphere has changed, it became interesting to equal on any new model. Our art all time was created as a certain export variant, and at last - that it ceases to exist in such quality. Whatever it was orphaned and ugly, it grows ripe here and it turns out such what should be .