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the Protected quality more important money

the Protected quality more important money

Dovgan does not pay for chips of a name of Dovgan
Tatar not state pension OVER - fund and its affiliated product company Ekor have addressed in arbitration court of Moscow with the claim to corporation Dovgan - the protected quality (DZK) about debts compensation in 500 million not denominated roubles. This sum to firm have not paid for the shipped chips. Simultaneously with it OVER - fund and Ekor Have written in law enforcement bodies the application with the request to raise against management DZK criminal case upon swindle.

corporation Dovgan - the protected quality has appeared in Tatarii in the spring of 1997. Not bad having untwisted by then the trade mark, DZK has made in Kazan the proposal at once to three manufacturers the beginning of joint business: to beer factory the Red East - to let out gin - tonic Dovgan ; to factory of articles of food - mayonnaise Dovgan and firm Ekor - chips Dovgan . Everywhere the standard scheme has been offered: your manufacture, your raw materials, and packing and sale of goods ours. The beer factory and factory prodtovarov did not suit such mechanism. And as a result in Kazan DZK has developed only one direction - release of chips.
firm Ekor small parties already made such production for the local market. However the strong competition did not allow it to increase volumes of output. Promptly appeared DZK has sharply changed plans Ekora . According to the general director of firm Yury Petrov, new partners have suggested to increase release of chips in 4 times, having incurred realisation of 90 % of production. Negotiations from party DZK conducted either its general director Herman Lillevjale, or its assistants. Vladimir Dovgan in one of meetings of participation did not accept.
total agreements have been signed in July, 1997. All monetary expenses (including on partial re-equipment of manufacture), according to these agreements, laid down on firm Ekor . DZK, from its part, was obliged to put only in exchange for chips the Italian film for packing and the well-known passports of quality. It has been thus especially stipulated that raw materials for chips firm Ekor should buy strictly only from one of the Dutch companies in whom will specify DZK.
to Firm Ekor being branch not state pension OVER - fund it was possible to find through it necessary circulating assets. And having executed all treaty provisions, the firm in the planned terms has begun production shipment. DZK first also regularly carried out treaty provisions, in time sending to Kazan cargo waggons and taking away chips. However in second half of December, 1997 Yury Petrov began to worry, as the partner has never paid to it deliveries. Though should do it in 10 - dnevnyj term from the moment of shipment.
Herman Lillevjale at first has assured citizens of Kazan that here - here money to you will leave and a bit later as proof of it has sent by fax payment order copies about ostensibly transfer of an amount of debt. However time went, and money was not. Then Yury Petrov has arrived to Moscow, but it was not possible to meet Lillevjale to it. Having spent more weeks in capital and having got acquainted in corridors DZK with same, as well as he, the deceived directors, trying to repay debts, the head of firm Ekor has decided to meet Vladimir Dovgan. Last, according to the businessman, he has accused of all punctures of DZK Lillevjale, with which has torn all relations and to pay on its debts do not intend .
Then firm Ekor and pension OVER - fund have addressed in arbitration court of Moscow with the claim to DZK about debt collecting in half-billion roubles. Simultaneously with it Yury Petrov has written the application in law enforcement bodies with the request to raise against management DZK criminal case upon swindle.